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Episode 5: Dog's Having a Party/Dog Wants to Play Ball

27min - Dog and Duck want to throw a house party at Dog's house. But all they have is the letter H, and they don't know what to do with it! Then, Dog wants to play ball, but he's having trouble communicating with his friends.

Episode 4: Bed Bugs/Snug as a Bug

27min - When the bugs accidentally break Frog's brand new bed, they scramble to put it back together and make things right. Then, Frog helps insomniac Bug figure out the end of the rhyme snug as a bug in a ... so that Bug can sleep.

Episode 3: The Best Nest/Duck's Family Reunion

27min - It's Duck's turn at show and tell at school, and he wants to bring the thing he loves the best: his nest! Then, because they have a similar sounding name, Duck mistakes Truck for a long-lost relative!

Episode 2: Duck at Bat/You Can Never Have Too Many OO's

27min - Duck loses the letter B to his baseball bat just before the big game is supposed to start! Then, when the two letter O's in Monkey's roof blow away in the wind, it's up to Duck to hunt down the oo sound and fix the roof before it rains!

Episode 1: Shark's First Day of School/Shark's First Loose Tooth

27min - It's the first day of school for the youngest WordFriends, but Shark is afraid to go. Then, when Shark loses his first baby tooth at a sleepover party with Duck, he must get to sleep fast so the tooth fairy can leave him a present.

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