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Episode 5: A Kooky Spooky Halloween/Sheep's Halloween Costume

27min - The WordFriends get their share of scares the night before Halloween, when Pig sleepwalks and everyone thinks he's a ghost! Then, it's Halloween - Sheep's favorite day of the year!

Episode 4: The Christmas Star/A Christmas Present for Dog

27min - It's the night before Christmas and Frog needs a star to hang on his Christmas tree. Then, it's Christmas morning, and all the WordFriends are excited by the presents Santa has brought for them!

Episode 3: The Lost Letter L/Catch That C!

27min - When Duck breaks the L off Frog's lamp, he decides not to tell Frog. Instead, he'll just fix it himself! Then, while Pig and Ant are making cookies, their bag of letter C's gets away, sending the WordFriends on a wild goose chase!

Episode 2: Play Ball/M Is for Map

27min - The WordFriends play an exciting game of baseball, but Robot has never played before. Then, after a fun day of adventuring through the jungle, Sheep and Bear discover they are lost - and it's almost dark! Can they get home before sunset?

Episode 1: Bit by Bit/Ride 'em CowBear

27min - It is Monkey's birthday, and Frog entrusts Duck and Bug to take his present to Monkey's birthday party for him! Then, Pig, Dog and Duck are playing cowboys! Bear wants to join them but gets frustrated when she's not good at rope tricks.