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The Russo kids get a first-hand look at how the wizard competition could tear their family apart.

Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies

Justin convinces Juliet that if she goes with him to the prom it will be the best night ever!

Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date

Since Dean has moved away, Alex is using magic to enter his dreams and continue to date him.

Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites

Justin's new vampire girlfriend gets the Russo's to change their eating habits to be more healthy.

Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place

When a vampire family opens a deli down the street, the Russo's must stifle the competition.

Cast-Away (to Another Show)

When Justin wins a Teen Cruise to Hawaii, the Russo family climbs aboard the S.S. Tipton!

Wizard for a Day

When Justin gives Jerry a magical pencil holder, Alex tops him by giving Jerry magic for a day.

Paint by Committee

Alex is asked to paint the school's mural but gets upset when she has to use the committee's ideas.

My Tutor, Tutor

When Max gets a wizard tutor, Alex and Justin fight over spending time with her.

Justin's New Girlfriend

When Justin and Harper bond, Alex begins to tease them and proclaims that the two are now "dating."

Family Game Night

Alex swaps brains with Harper in order to pass an exam but they are unable to swap back.

Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth

The Russo kids are tasked with selecting mentors at Tribeca Prep's annual career day.

Hugh's Not Normous

Hugh runs away from home after discovering that not only is he NOT a giant, but he is also adopted.

Alex Does Good

When Alex takes the time to help an elderly friend, it causes her to constantly be tardy to school.

Future Harper

When the Russos find their lives are being exposed in novels, they travel through time to stop it.

Art Teacher

Alex bonds with her art teacher and learns that she's really a 15 year old girl who has been cursed!

Helping Hand

When Justin invents a "helping hand" to assist busy wizards, Alex uses it to do all of her chores.

Fashion Week

It's Fashion Week in NYC and Harper has landed a job with a very unique designer!

Fairy Tale

In the school's production of Peter Pan, Alex is hired to understudy Harper as Tinker Bell.

Make It Happen

A wizard counselor tells the kids to have a profession in case they don't become wizards.

Baby Cupid

Jerry and Theresa's anniversary plans are ruined over a fight, which prompts Alex to summon Cupid.

Taxi Dance

When the cab that Alex was born in, Cab number 804, is retired, she charms it back to life.

Harper Knows

Alex avoids running into Harper at a comic book convention in order to protect her wizard secret.

Saving Wiz Tech: Part 2

Alex is dumped by Ronald after enrolling in Wiz Tech to spend more time with him.

Saving Wiz Tech: Part 1

When Wiz Tech is closed students and faculty are housed with families in the real world.

Alex's Brother Maximan

Jerry is disappointed when he finds that the kids have failed to work together on a group project.


Alex has a crush and plots to gain his interest by asking Jerry if he can fix up his old junky car.

Graphic Novel

When Justin and Max get hold of Alex's secret diary, it's found by none other than her enemy Gigi.

Beware Wolf

Alex is wary when Justin meets and falls for a girl named Isabella, who turns out to be a werewolf!

Smarty Pants

When Alex winds up on a team for the annual Quiz Bowl she uses "smarty pants" to help the team win.