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Art Museum Piece

When Alex takes a short cut on her Art History project, she brings historical masterpieces to life.


It's a "freaky friday" when Alex switches with her mother so she can have the party she never had.

Alex's Spring Fling

In an attempt to make Riley jealous, Alex uses a spell to bring a mannequin to life.

Credit Check

Alex gets an internship at a top Fashion Magazine and decides to put on an outrageous fashion show.

Report Card

After failing to hide her report card from her parents, Alex panics and turns them into guinea pigs.

Alex in the Middle

When Jerry's fun-loving wizard brother visits, Alex vies to have him become her wizard trainer.

The Supernatural

In an attempt to impress a girl, Justin uses magic to become the star pitcher on his baseball team.

Wizard School: Part 2

When Alex hears an evil professor's plan to rob Justin of his powers she puts her magic to good use.

Wizard School: Part 1

Justin and Alex go to Wizard School where Justin quickly rises in the ranks of popularity.

Little Sister

Frustrated with the constant comparison to her brother, Alex uses a genie to wish Justin away.

Potion Commotion

When Alex uses a potion to get a boy to like her, she accidentally takes the entire dose herself.

Pop Me and We Both Go Down

Alex performs a spell in an attempt to vanish Justin's new zit and brings it to life instead!


When Alex hangs out with Justin's friends to see an R-rated movie, he tells her she can't go in.

Curb Your Dragon

Justin gets a pet beagle that's really a magical dragon, but he is shocked when someone claims it.

Alex's Choice

Alex and Harper argue when Harper accepts an invitation to mean girl Gigi's annual tea party.

You Can't Always Get What You Carpet

When dad and Alex get into a big fight, Justin secretly helps repair things between them.

Disenchanted Evening

Alex, Justin and Max learn about another kid wizard who's allowed to use magic whenever he wants.

New Employee

When Harper is hired at Waverly Sub Station, Alex uses a spell to help her overcome her clumsiness.

I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain

Alex learns of a magical resource to get information about any subject in the form of a pocket elf.

First Kiss

Alex uses wizardry to spare Justin the embarrassing incidents leading up to his first kiss.

The Crazy 10 Minute Sale

Alex creates a double to sit in class while she skips wizard training to attend a clothing sale.

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