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Who Will Be the Family Wizard?

Harper reads one of Alex's wizard fairy tale books and Alex warns her that the stories come to life.


The Russo's may lose the Sub Station when the owner of the building decides he wants to sell it.

Rock Around the Clock

The Russo's discover that the building elevator operator is really Gorog, leader of the Dark Realm!

Wizards vs. Everything

Alex finds that Mr. Laritate lives in the same building and must keep him from becoming a zombie.

Get Along, Little Zombie

Alex and Harper take in a ghost roommate named Lucy to help pay the rent.

Ghost Roommate

Alex and Harper move into their new apartment and are led to the magical "13th" floor.

Wizards of Apartment 13B

Harper and Zeke admit that Alex's company is smothering them so Alex makes a clone of Harper.

My Two Harpers

Now that they've graduated, Harper and Alex decide to move out and get their own apartment.

Alex the Puppetmaster

Justin tries to get back in the Wizard competition by preparing his delinquents for their exams.

Justin's Back In

NASA announces there's an asteroid heading towards Earth and the Russo's prepare to take refuge.

Wizards vs. Asteroid

The Russo kids visit a wizard fortune teller and learn that Wizards' fortunes are always accurate.

Misfortune at the Beach

Alex wins the Wizard of the Year award for saving the world from the Angels of Darkness.

Wizard of the Year

The kids win tickets to an upcoming Beast Taming event in the Wizard World!

Beast Tamer

Alex convinces Mason to let her meet his parents and is surprised when he claims she's a Werewolf!

Meet the Werewolves

When Alex realizes her favorite Luchador is retiring, she arranges a comeback match.

Magic Unmasked

When Zeke takes up magic as a new hobby, Alex casts a spell on him to help him master his tricks.

Zeke Finds Out

When Justin invites Professor Crumbs to come evaluate him, Alex panics that he'll discover Maxine!

Back to Max

When Justin's behavior begins to change the more time he spends with Rosie, Alex becomes suspicious.

Wizards vs. Angels

When Justin's behavior begins to change the more time he spends with Rosie, Alex becomes suspicious.

Dancing with Angels

Justin's plans to impress Rosie on their first date are, unfortunately, ruined by the Russo's.

Everything's Rosie for Justin

When a new girl joins Justin's class of delinquents, Alex insists that he kick her out.

Daddy's Little Girl

When Jerry begins to shower "Maxine" with special attention, both Alex and Justin become jealous.

Three Maxes and a Little Lady

Jerry convinces Max to join a Sophisticated Wizard's Club.

Journey to the Center of Mason

Alex and Mason are working on being just friends when Alex's old boyfriend Dean arrives for a visit.

Lucky Charmed

When Alex and Harper take Driver's Ed with Mr. Laritate, Alex accidentally crashes the car.

Alex Gives Up

Max's popularity sky rockets and he attracts the daughter of a wealthy Wizard Family.

Alex Tells the World

The Russo's return home and Alex exposes magic in order to save the Wizards they left behind.