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Beryl knows that she needs to focus on her career, but admits by having pink hair and a careless wardrobe she is limiting herself. This walking contradiction, who claims to hate attention, dresses too loud. Can Stacy & Clinton help this 23 year old?


Army veteran Christine never buys new clothes because she would rather spend all extra time and money on her children, husband, and charity work. Can Stacy and Clinton help this beloved and caring woman, show a little love and caring to herself?


As a fan of punk band, The Ramones, Jennifer has a wardrobe that needs to be sedated! At work, is dressing more like a maintenance worker than an urban professional. It's time for this playful, former headbanger to start dressing like an adult.

Rebecca (1)

Cat earrings, cartoon t-shirts and Care Bear socks are some staples in this goofy mom's wardrobe. This web specialist loves to wear clothes that make people laugh but glitter sweaters cross the line! Can Tenessa break free of her bad fashion web?


For someone who works with cupcakes & confections all day there is nothing sweet about the way Becca dresses. Her favorite shirt is so worn that it is completely see through and the armpits being just giant holes. Stacy & Clinton come to her rescue.


Rebecca has an obsession and it's turtles, turtles, and turtles. She won't go a day without wearing some item of clothing representing her favorite animal. Her friends and family have finally decided that it's time to put an end to her turtle craze.


Jodi, a belly-dancing psych-ward nurse, doesn't just assist the clinically insane, she dresses like them. Wearing wildly inappropriate clothing in all bright colors, this single mom needs to graduate from juniors section since she's 50!


Jil's a wacky, lovable nanny who describes her fashion as "medieval peasant" because she loves flowing skirts & tops. She is looking to land a full time job or at least land a date, but neither will happen while she's in ill-fitting cheap, clothing.


Ebony dresses horrifically but insists that style does not matter and her achievements outshine her appearance. Though passionate and ambitious, this is not the best attitude for the Program Director of Michelle Obama's organization to have.


Measuring in at 6'1," Heather always makes a big entrance when she walks into the room. Her flashy outfits can't help but get her noticed. A complete style transformation and an appointment with Stacy & Clinton may be just what this top diva needs.


Jackie is a mom of four who loves to show off her assets in low cut shirts. Simply stated, her daughters and fiancé think a little more should be kept to the imagination! Can Stacy & Clinton help this supermom with a twist needs cover-up and grow up?


Hairstylist & acrobat; there is nothing that this girl doesn't do or wear for that matter! Noel is a complete character and it most certainly shows in her crazy outfits. If there was ever someone who needed some fashion focus, it's this 22-year old.


Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burke, and actress Jenny McCarthy call on Stacy and Clinton to help them show their personal assistant, Becky, a divorced 37-year old Chicago native, that she is worthy of a look that will put her front and center.

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