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Carly is a single mom of two whose style has a split personality. This Jersey girl’s wardrobe swings from schlumptastic sweats to scandalous spandex. Can Stacy and Clinton get this voluptuous vixen to find a look that’s sexy and sophisticated?




Best Mommy Makeovers

Amanda R.

Deana is a mother whose deadbeat duds are only outmatched by one of the most unenthusiastic attitudes Stacy & Clinton have encountered. After a lifetime of hand-me-downs & the post-baby weight blues she’s got a serious of arrested style development.


Teresa has struggled with self esteem & weight issues her entire life. But 6 years ago, she started boxing and it turned her life around. Can Stacy & Clinton convince her that the badass boy gear will need to change if she wants to start a business.


Dressing Your Age (1)


Spending the last ten years buried in the books, earning her Ph D., has left Azi with a wardrobe of immature college girl duds and a nasty habit of shopping in her mom's closet. Can Stacy and Clinton convince Azi that fashion isn't frivolous?


What Not to Year Awards

Denise is a flight attendant whose style is a blinding display of bling. But where does the Technicolor costume party end and the real Denise begin? Can a week-long layover convince Denise that the glitz and glam is smothering her inner sparkle?


Angie came to the realization that she was spending too much time partying & it was beginning to affect her family life. She's thrilled with the change to her lifestyle, but her sad wardrobe looks like she's mourning the loss of her social life.

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