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New Look for Love


Debbie (1)

If Clinton Kelly nominates you for What Not to Wear, you really need a makeover! Clinton's friend Debbie is one of the funniest people he knows, but her style makes him cringe. Can Clinton and Stacy perform a What Not to Wear intervention for Debbie?

A New Look for Love

Stacy and Clinton look back at the different single moms they worked with to help them look and feel their best in order to get back into the dating game.

Then and Now

Carla, a 46 year-old mother and teaching assistant, spends her days chasing after children but it's really Carla's wardrobe the kids are running from, as she struggles to find a balance between looking young and feeling young.

Hootchie to Hottie

Stacy and Clinton look back on the amazing stories of helping women who had lost a great deal of weight and were unable to dress themselves properly to accommodate this huge change.

Cruise Special

Jennifer is a 5'11", 40 year old, executive director of a NY music school, who dresses like her 6 year old students. Her wardrobe consists of sparkly jeans and glittery tops. Can Stacy & Clinton convince Jen to embrace her height & dress like adult?

Mother Daughter Special

Philadelphia is home to Moriah, a 23-year old who is making history with her second-hand wardrobe and trampy night look. Moriah is 5'8 and most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from her mother who is five feet! Can S & C teach her what not to wear?

Episode #6.38

Yorine is a 24 year old nutritionist from Philadelphia whose fashion sense is starving for style. She hides her bright personality behind a tasteless wardrobe of scrubs & oversized t-shirts. Can Stacy & Clinton help her find a well balanced wardrobe?

Episode #6.37

Cathy's oversized wardrobe and grandma taste in prints made a winner in our Time Square casting call. Will Stacy and Clinton be able to help this Virginia transplant meet her New Year's Resolution of looking like a real New Yorker?


Philadelphia mom and Executive Assistant Marianna likes to show off her seasonal spirit: she has a holiday sweater for nearly every day of the year. Her co-workers have called on Stacy and Clinton for a special holiday What Not to Wear intervention.



















Jennifer (1)

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