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Mandy & Molly


Carly S.

Courtney D



Perfect Storm: Riana C, Taylor P, and Megan G


Over the top Rebecca has already lost one job because of her ridiculous style, will Stacy and Clinton be able to convince her of the error of her ways?

Nakiya T.

Can Stacy and Clinton help this fairy tale loving, late bloomer gain the confidence she needs to tackle both the dating scene and the professional publishing world?

Katherine L.

After dressing in business suits for years, Deborah has taken the freedom of dressing however she wants a bit too far. Will Stacy & Clinton be able to help her reign in the ruffles to find a more appropriate version of her southern belle wardrobe?

Andrea Y.

Vanessa, who has a degree in Chemistry and plans to move to the US to look for a job, admits that she never thinks of herself as having any kind of fashion sense. She also knows her "Plain Jane" jeans and t-shirts may not cut it in her new adventure.

Shannon Elizabeth

Will Stacy and Clinton be able to get this video gaming super nerd into an updated style that is appropriate for her age and give her the self confidence boost she needs to get back out into the dating scene?

Casey D.

Alexandra Vega strongly believes that women should always be comfortable first; even if that means sacrificing style. Alexandra poses the additional challenge of having a skin condition that requires she be fully protected from the sun at all times.

Nicole Eggert

Will Stacy and Clinton be able to help this modest museum manager discover her youthful, sexy side in order to get back out onto the dating scene?


Can this vibrant wheelchair athlete, who has completed two half-Iron Man races, ditch the jock t-shirts and dull work clothes and apply the amazingly positive attitude she has in life to her not so positive wardrobe?


Leigh-Anne is a busy, working mother who dedicates more time to teaching her students and her children then to her frumpy wardrobe..Can Stacy & Clinton school this busy professor/mom to ditch her scrubby wardrobe and adopt a more sophisticated style?


Though Kathy has kept a positive attitude through some really tough times, her wardrobe does nothing to reflect the sunny person she is. Will Stacy & Clinton be able to transform this single mother into a true beauty that is ready for dating?


Desiree became a mom at 16 and didn’t take the time to focus on herself, go to college or develop her personal style. Now single, she wears tight sexy clothing but admits to needing a new look if she is going to get back out into the dating world.


What Not to Wear is back and this time it's live in front of a studio audience. Filmed in front of hundreds of adoring fans, our contributor, Anna, gets the ultimate fashion surprise when confronted by our fashion experts, on-stage in New York City.