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This season, viewers were introduced to four unique women. Together for the first time, Lindsay, Haleigh, Colleen and Nancy share their unique experiences living as women who can’t help but stand out -- and the journeys they’ve taken on the series.


Haleigh’s wedding day is not going as planned. Lindsay gets the opportunity to audition for a top casting director. Nancy gets ready for prom. And Colleen continues on her quest to find love.


Nancy’s prom date meets her family. Colleen’s matchmaker sets her up again, this time with a shorter man. After finding her father, Lindsay arranges to meet him for the first time in 16 years. And Haliegh shops for a wedding dress.


Lindsay prepares to see her dad for the first time in 16 years. After disappointing dates with men she met online, Colleen decides to hire a matchmaker. Nancy tries to find a prom dress. And Haleigh starts wedding planning but her dad still objects.


Haleigh’s boyfriend prepares to propose. Colleen tried online dating. Lindsay meets with a private investigator to try and find her father. And Nancy wants to attend to prom, but needs to be asked by a senior in order to go.


Meet four phenomenal ladies - Lindsay, Haleigh, Colleen, and Nancy, who see the world from, well, a higher perspective.