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The Last Hurrah in Vegas

In the series finale, Stacy and Clinton are hitting the road to check in on past contributors, as they make their way to Vegas for a finale bash. It wouldn’t be What Not to Wear without one last makeover in the city known for epic fashion disasters.

Jennifer W.

Animal lover, Jennifer has dedicated her time to saving animals, but in the process has begun to neglect herself. She buys her pets better outfits than she does herself! Will Stacy & Clinton help get this animal hero to focus more on her wardrobe?

Carly S.

Carly is an insecure young woman, stuck in a frumpy teenage style of ripped jeans, hoodies, cartoon t-shirts and oversized coats. Can S&C give young Carly a chic, new look and help her gain the confidence to meet her online beau for the first time?

Melinda P.

Melinda wears tight clothes that garner her negative attention and have prevented her from joining the family business. Can Stacy and Clinton get Melinda trade in her skimpy outfits for a more mature style?

Tania L.

Single mom and business owner, Tania frequently wears a frog costume out in public to help promote her growing catering company. Can Stacy & Clinton help this aspiring entrepreneur step out from behind the costume, and into a sophisticated new style?

The Rules Book

Stacy and Clinton are counting down their top ten Rules to abide by. After devoting a decade of their lives to teaching essential style fundamentals, they’re only going to tell you one more time - so listen up!

Lizz G.

Lizz is a stage mom of 9 who has put her family’s needs over her confused style of short skirts, thrown together layers and boots. Can Stacy & Clinton get this busy mom to drop her inappropriate sexy style and finally discover an identity of her own.

Perfect Storm: Riana C., Taylor P., and Megan G.

Skimpy dresser, Riana wears clothes that are too tight. Megan’s frumpy wardrobe doesn’t work for her body, and Taylor’s boho style is too mismatched. In this episode, Stacy & Clinton take on all three friends to help each find their own unique style.