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Junior Takes a Stand

Joyce's free-spirited sister Madi wreaks havoc on the Fishers. Erinn Hayes guest stars.

The Sleepover

Stress abounds as the Fishers struggle to keep secrets from each other.


Joyce struggles to keep a secret when she discovers Katie has big plans with her boyfriend.

Date Night

Joyce must face her fear of confrontation while stuck in a return line at a furniture store.


Lisette and Caroline have very different takes on how to celebrate Thanksgiving, leaving Molly to run interference.

Lisette's Abuela Visits

Mel undermines Katie's newfound freedom after she finally gets her driver's license.

Dan and Miguel Play Ball

The sex of both babies is revealed; the Hernandez family lies like crazy to avoid disappointing grandma. Rita Moreno guest stars.


Unsportsmanlike conduct results when the guys try to bond over basketball.

Molly and Junior Find a Place

Dan advises Junior to join a fraternity against Miguel's wishes; hilarity ....ensues.

The Big RV Adventure

Uneasy about becoming a grandma, Lisette meets an old flame of Miguel's - Demetrio's new teacher! Eva Longoria guest stars.

Dan Finds Out



Two very different families are thrown together when Molly and Junior announce they're pregnant on the day of their high school graduation!