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The Waste of Time

The Party Poopers

The Bad Neighbors

The Legend

My Fair Hatey (1)

The Rival

The Family Reunion

The Bot

The End of the Galaxy

The Robomechabotatron/The Flower

The Sick Day/The Sky Guy

The Search for Captain Tim/The Heebie Jeebies

The Hot Shot/The Night Out

The Party Poopers/The Waste of Time

The Legend/The Bad Neighbors

My Fair Hatey

The Family Reunion/The Rival

The Cartoon/The Bot

The Hole... Lotta Nothin'/The Show Stopper

The Secret Planet/The Bad Hatter

The Black Cube/The Eye on the Skullship

The Matchmaker/The New Toy

The Battle Royale

The Rager/The Good Bad Guy

The Axe

Lord Hater fires Commander Peepers.

The Cool Guy/The Catastrophe

The Loose Screw/The It

The Wanders/The Axe

The Fremergency Fronfract/The Boy Wander

The Big Day/The Breakfast

Lord Hater finally captures Wander and Sylvia.

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