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Episode 12: Within the Peace

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- Rinne has gone beyond her limits.As she was about to fall, Rinne remembers her first encounter and days of training with Jill.She stands back up to settle the fight.-Episode 12 Summary- After the fight, Fuuka and Rinne recognize

Episode 11: The Strike

24min - <Previous Episode Summary> Fuuka and Rinne persisted in their fierce fight at the outdoor ring.As Fuuka overpowers with her techniques taught by her team at Nakajima Gym, Rinne continues to fight, even with injuries.Memories of their days spent together in the orphanage recurs in their hearts.Their disconnected, conflicted feelings clash in each strike.

Episode 10: Rain

24min - Previous Episode Summary- Defeated by Vivio, Rinne lost all confidence and spirit to fight and reports to Victor and Jill that she quits.Meanwhile, as the victor of her block, Fuuka was chosen to fight Einhard in the finals.Since the face-off between Rinne and Fuuka was called off, Fuuka was also left with tense feelings.

Episode 9: Reunion

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- Rinne possessed the innate "talent as a warrior" and the overwhelming power that crushed any technique.Vivio, on the other hand, was not blessed with the strength, toughness and "talent as a martial arts athlete,” but trusted he

Episode 8: Victor and Loser

24min - <Previous Episode Summary> Defeated and injured, Miura was sent to the hospital.As the victor of her block, Rinne now faces Vivio, the opponent who defeated her once in the past.Vivio attempts to communicate a message to Rinne, who pressured herself to be strong and was determined to win no matter what.

Episode 7: Vivio Takamachi

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- The Winter Cup has commenced.Four athletes from Nakajima Gym and Rinne enter the competition that kicked off with a fight between Rinne and Miura.Passionate about her last fight as an "Under 15" athlete, Miura seems to be on a r

Episode 6: Winter Cup

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- Fuuka and Nakajima Gym athletes learned of Rinne's unfortunate incident that revealed the motive behind her determination to be strong.Considering Rinne’s past and her own future, Fuuka decides whether she will face-off with Rin

Episode 5: Huracan

24min - <Previous Episode Summary> Rinne left the orphanage to live with her foster parents who owned a clothing company and lived a happy life with her generous parents and grandfather.But because of a small incident, Rinne became a target of bullying for three of her classmates.Unable to confide to her family, Rinne chose to suffer the bullying alone, until one day, the accident happened.

Episode 4: Rinne Berlinetta

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- Fuuka, along with all athletes of Nakajima Gym visit the stadium to observe Rinne's fight.Demonstrating overwhelming ability during her fight, Rinne proposes a challenge to "fight in the same competition" against Einhard the cha

Episode 3: Challenge

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- Fuuka trains as a martial arts athlete as she supports herself as a live-in worker at Nakajima Gym.Einhard teaches Fuuka the "Hegemon-way” during her training.Meanwhile, Rinne attained the world champion rank as a martial arts a

Episode 2: Nakajima Gym

24min - -Previous Episode Summary- Fuuka and Rinne lived in an orphanage as they braved a poor life and hoped for a bright future.Years later, Fuuka separated from Rinne and left the orphanage to live a torturous life.One day, a girl saves Fuuka who was injured in a fight with punks.Her name was Einhard Stratus, a martial arts athlete.Fuuka’s fate was about to change after this encounter.

Episode 1: Fuuka Reventon

24min - Fuuka and Rinne lived in an orphanage. Together, as childhood friends who were like sisters, they endured a poor life as they dreamed of a bright future. However, the coming of the "second separation" was about to drastically change the fate of both Fuuka and Rinne…