43min - In the series finale, the Bartlet administration prepares to leave the West Wing.

Institutional Memory

The Last Hurrah



43min - Bartlet and his current staff--as well as some friends from the past--come together for Leo's funeral.

Election Day: Part 2

Election Day: Part 1

Welcome to Wherever You Are

Two Weeks Out

43min - As the end of the campaign trail nears, the candidates feel the burden more than ever.

The Cold

42min - The effects of a nuclear scare in California continue to shake things up on both sides of the campaign trail.

Duck and Cover

42min - Bartlet must face the possibility of a nuclear reactor meltdown in California. In the midst of this emergency, the presidential campaign goes on.

Internal Displacement

Running Mates

43min - Leo struggles through debate practice and makes Josh and Lou extremely nervous. Meanwhile, Santos gets a brief respite from the campaign trail to see his family.

The Wedding

43min - On the eve of Ellie's White House wedding, a military situation in Central Asia takes Bartlet away from the rehearsal festivities.


43min - Santos visits a Los Angeles African-American family whose child was shot by a Latino police officer. C.J. manages a crisis between China and Kazakhstan.

The Debate

The Al Smith Dinner

Here Today

43min - After answering questions from White House Counsel Oliver Babish, Toby concludes that he needs to retain counsel.

Mr. Frost

Message of the Week

The Mommy Problem

43min - As a grand jury convenes to investigate the White House military shuttle leak, the campaign's focus changes to national security.

The Ticket

43min - Josh is caught off guard when political commentators are critical of Leo as a running mate for Santos. White House Counsel Oliver Babish discusses a leak investigation with C.J.