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Things Fall Apart

43min - The success of the impeccably organized Republican Convention contrasts with the Democrats who look in disarray as the candidates battle to become the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

In God We Trust

43min - After winning the Republican nomination for presidency, Arnold Vinick begins working on his campaign.

Ninety Miles Away

La Palabra

43min - Santos travels to Sacramento, California, for the last few days before Super Tuesday (a day when a large number of states simultaneously hold their primary elections).

A Good Day

43min - Congressman Santos masterminds a plot to pass the President's stem cell bill while the Republicans aren't paying attention.

Drought Conditions


43min - A desperate Josh must get his trailing candidate, Congressman Matthew Santos, into the local debate between the two front-runners, Vice President Russell and John Hoynes.

The Wake Up Call

43min - An Iranian jet accidentally shoots down a British passenger plane but C.J. is reluctant to awaken the President even as the British prime minister considers bombing Iran's nuclear reactors.

King Corn

43min - Vice President Russell is the first to give his speech at the Iowa Corn Growers' Expo. Matthew Santos and Arnold Vinick follow and the differences in these candidates become very clear. Josh struggles to understand how he can possibly guide Santos in this race.

365 Days

43min - It's the day after the State of the Union and there's no time to rest.The staff is busy dealing with emrgency situations while Leo starts his first day in his new position by watching old State of the Union addresses to find inspiration. Kate spends her day working on a situation in Bolivia; CJ on a situation in North Korea; Toby on unemployment.

Opposition Research

Faith-Based Initiative

Impact Winter

In the Room

42min - At a Bartlet family birthday, Penn and Teller burn an American flag in the White House, prompting a political and publicity nightmare. Aboard Air Force One, Bartlet is stricken by a paralyzing episode of MS. Josh is approached to run the Vice President's presidential campaign.

A Change Is Gonna Come

The Dover Test

42min - The US Peacekeeping compound is attacked and American soldiers are killed. As the White House struggles to contain the story, the father of one of the slain soldiers speaks out against the mission. Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman Santos attaches his Patients Bill of Rights to a Republican piece of legislation and effectively keeps the Democratic elements while maintaining a Republican agenda. Also, Leo gets a lesson in life and business from his nurse.

The Hubbert Peak


Third-Day Story

The Birnam Wood

N.S.F. Thurmont