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The Final Battle! Burn Up, Fist of Friendship

Activate! The Strongest Dural Plan!?

Let Out the Fist's Soul! Akira vs. Onimaru

Life or Death! The Onimaru Corps' Last Battle

Become Enraged, Jeffrey! The Ruthless Trap

Pai Chan the Actress

The Targeted Ring! Save Wolf

The Approaching Giant Shadow! The Dangerous Rion

Shattered Friendship!? Akira vs. Jacky

The Man from Hell! His Name Is Onimaru!

Raid! The Mysterious Ninja Corps

The Eight Stars!

Launch D

Evil City Hong Kong

A Wizard and a Master

A Bond of Love Between Brother & Sister

A New Departure

Sad Reunion

Here Comes the Prince

The Sea Warrior

Little Princess


Arena of Darkness

Subway Out of Control!

Pai's Dream

Death Match on the Lake

The Wanted

Sadness of the Past

Fate's Twosome

Behind the Battle Scene