Man Against Wind: Part 4

Man Against Wind: Part 3

Man Against Wind: Part 2

Part 1 ended with our intrepid heroes having a bit of a stroll through memory lane. James is still enjoying some of the benefits of his Buffy success; while on the other hand, Mark is struggling a bit with his career choices. The second part of our epic adventure finds Mark and James exploring a bit of Mark's background. However, James is letting some of his diva show and the tension starts to rise.Will James & Mark overcome this latest wrinkle in their friendship? Find out in the next episode of…ViDiOTS!

Man Against Wind: Part 1

This month we have the first of a series of "Very Special Episodes" for you! With the 20th anniversary of Buffy coming up in March, it seemed only appropriate to create an multi-episode arc recorded right here in our home city of Sunnydale (well... Los Angeles!).The first episode finds James reminiscing about his time on Buffy and offering to show Mark around the old sets and introduce him to some of the cast and crew. As usual, things don't go as planned and to say that James is disappointed is an understatement. Once back in LA, Mark decides to take the opportunity to invite James to see his new house. James has a chance to admire the view, check out the pool, and meet a special guest. The adventure continues around town where James experiences the joy of fame and Mark the agony of obscurity.How will it end? Find out in the next episode of…ViDiOTS!

Vegan Gone Wild

Mystery of the Great White North

Our next episode is one of our greatest adventures yet! James and I were invited to Cyan Worlds to play the spiritual successor to one of the most iconic games of the 90's… Myst! For those of you who've played it, do you remember all those Zombies you had to kill? Me neither. Don't tell James! (More about that later…)We got to try Cyan's VR masterpiece called OBDUCTION (James just threw up again…still struggling with that VR!) and to meet none other than the one and only Rand Miller (Co-creator of Myst) and Chris Doyle (Director of New Experiences) as they walk us through this incredible game… hoping we don't break it. Being such a huge fan, I NEEDED to play this game. I knew my best bet would be to "fabricate a plausible reason why James would need to take us to Spokane. Hence, the shooting of the zombie! (As they say, "reality eventually catches up to you… virtually".) So I learned a very valuable lesson about friendship (and getting thrown up on).James was then kind enough to challenge me in a racing game called FORZA (being that racing is kind of my "forte"). Unfortunately this was an XBOX game and just as I'd gotten used to the shapes on PS4 I suddenly had to memorize the alphabet. I think there should be another way of saying "YOU LOSE". We actually discuss this more in a "therapy session".

Anything Is Possible in Texas

Storming the Castle

The Virginia Monologues

This episode is in Richmond, VA where we both try to "blend in" by experiencing our beautiful South. Maybe our accents got in the way, but James gets to go to one of his favorite destinations that turns out to be something completely different than what he expected, while Mark gets to see one of his biggest (weirdest) dreams come true! Maybe we should have gotten a tour guide for this one because we get, well… very lost.

Dishonored 2

Holland Daze

Welsh Rarebit

These Boots Were Made for Walking