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Episode Two

In episode two, Lucy and her team are in their finery for Victoria and Albert’s big day. Lucy herself dons the latest look for high-status ladies in 1840, and takes her place in a pew inches from the altar. The ceremony is the culmination of the love story at the heart of this series, and the most accurate reconstruction of the event ever staged. It’s also a forum for discussion of the feuds and political undercurrents that meant that this union had to be a fresh start with a new kind of royal family. The ceremony is followed by a sumptuous wedding breakfast prepared in a Georgian kitchen by Food Historian Dr. Annie Gray, a prelude to the first night that began a marriage so iconic it saved the Crown and heralded constitutional monarchy as we know it today.

Episode One

In the first episode of "Victoria & Albert: The Wedding," Dr. Lucy Worsley introduces the team of experts who join her in preparing to reconstruct the wedding that changed history. As they get ready for the ceremony and investigate the stories behind the dress, the food and the music, they uncover details that astonish. And the challenge ahead of them comes into focus. As they labor, Lucy and her co-host, Museum Curator Jasdeep Singh, tell the backstory of the most romantic of all royal romances, a tale of tragedy, scandal, intrigue - and a whiff of revolution.