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The Manbirds

Manbird season hits New York City, and Mark finds himself the guardian of a fledgling separated from its flock.


Mark and Randall teach a sexed up robot self-control, and Callie mixes up Mark in a demonic ritual.

Trolling for Terror

Randall shambles his way onto an all-creature reality show, and a troll wrestles with riddle addiction.

Hell for the Holidays

Mark and Randall spend Halloween with Callie's family, and Leonard tries to find people to live in a haunted house.

Sympathy for the Devil

Councilman Fitzpatrick sells his soul to Twayne, and Callie considers a cushy job in Hell.

Kill... Mark, Kill

Mark helps Leonard with his magic wand issues, and Twayne Boneraper meets his two-dimensional soulmate.

Better Off Undead

Randall joins a zombie cult, and Mark performs psychiatric evaluations on his coworkers.

Kong of Queens

An obsessive-compulsive giant ape needs a job, and Callie struggles with her sudden attraction to Twayne.

So You Want to Be a Vampire?

Mark walks a young couple through the trials of vampire love, and "Larry King disease" ravages New York City.


Mark helps an old tree get its groove back, and Randall loses his favorite non-vital organ.

Blob Gets Job

Mark accidentally outs Randall as a zombie, and Leonard tries to identify a strange new creature.

Demon Baby

Callie goes baby-crazy when Mark fosters a demon orphan, and Twayne notices odd changes in his body.

An American Werewolf in America

Mark cares for an undocumented werewolf, and Leonard envies his famous magician brother, Christ Angel.


A New York Department of Integration social worker helps supernatural creatures adapt to city life.