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Fools for Love

Callie's psychotic, prankster ex-boyfriend escapes from an asylum and wreaks havoc on Mark's life.

The Dork Knight

A rabid Bat Boy takes a bite out of Mark, transforming him into New York City's latest superhero.

The Stalking Dead

Lady Hoo-Ha, America's most adored pop star, goes zombie, and her many devoted fans follow suit.

Mark Loves Dick

Callie is promptly promoted after turning into a man, causing strife in her relationship with Mark.

The Roast of Twayne the Boneraper

Twayne quits after getting roasted at his DOI 10-year anniversary party, leaving Mark in charge.

Any Given Workday

Randall's new arm lands him on the DOI's intramural football team, and Callie pimps out Leonard.

Journey to the Center of Twayne

A Lilliputian arsonist escapes Mark's custody and finds an unlikely hiding place in Twayne's nose.

Lilly and the Beast

Grimes' judgmental mother rises from the dead, and a neglected Randall reconsiders his living situation.

Mummy Dearest

Mark hooks up with an old girlfriend to test his open relationship.

Little Ship of Horrors

Randall is infected by horrifying plants at sea when Twayne throws a cruise ship party.

Wail Street

Randall tries to make a quick buck on the Soul Exchange by selling off Mark's immortal soul.

Attack of Mark's Clone

Callie makes an evil Mark clone to compete in the DOI bowling league tournament.

The Ring of Powers

Mark accidentally reactivates Leonard's magical arranged marriage.

G.I. Twayne

After being drafted into Satan's dark army, Twayne and Mark must do their patriotic duty and end the world.

Ride Me to Hell

When his favorite TV series ends with a dumb twist, Grimes has a complete mental breakdown.

Callie and Her Sister

"Callie and Her Sister" is the second episode of the second season of the American animated television series Ugly Americans, and the sixteenth overall episode of the series. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on July 7, 2011. In the episode, half-demon Callie Maggotbone repeatedly refuses to go through with her arranged marriage to Twayne Boneraper. To convince her father she is serious with her boyfriend Mark Lilly, she asks him to move in with her. Following a therapy session held by Mark, Callie's divorced parents get back together and produce a second daughter, Lilith, who will replace Callie as Twayne's bride. Callie and Mark later take on the job to raise Lilith, who develops evil plans for the wedding. The episode was written by Mick Kelly and directed by Richard Ferguson-Hull and series creator Devin Clark. The episode features guest performances by recurring voice actors Pete Holmes, Julie Klausner and Mike O'Gorman. "Callie and Her Sister" includes a homage to the horror film The Omen, along with other minor allusions to Rosemary's Baby and The Shining. Critical responses to the episode were positive; critics called it solid and memorable and praised its humor as well as the character development of Callie. According to Nielsen Media Research, the episode was watched by 980,000 viewers in its original airing in the United States, which was deemed steady compared to the season premiere, "Wet Hot Demonic Summer".

Wet Hot Demonic Summer

Twayne and Callie build a summer camp to cover up their raid on a wizard training ground.

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