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Episode #1.6

The Bairds have booked their first holiday in 7 years but Cathy and Colin are hosting a party to show off their new hot tub and insist that everyone is there.

Episode #1.5

Christine just wants to know who the father of her daughter's baby is but Sophie won't tell her. So Christine locks her in the hut.

Episode #1.4

It's Eric's birthday tomorrow and all he wants is a bit of peace and quiet. But as everyone descends on the Bairds' house the lack of calm is the least of his worries.

Episode #1.3

Cathy's over-exuberant dancing causes consternation with the downstairs neighbour.

Episode #1.2

Disaster following a row with Sophie means that Christine has to stay over at Eric and Beth's. Beth isn't impressed with the new makeover Eric has done of Ian's old room. Cathy and Colin have a bust-up when she discovers that Colin has been using his laptop for something quite unrelated to work.

Episode #1.1

When Eric raids the freezer after coming in from a night out, he leaves the door open and all the food inside defrosts. Beth decides to cook everything at once and invite Cathy, Colin, Ian, Jaz, Christine andSophie over to eat it all.Everything goes well until Cathy urges Colin to go next door and get something out of their freezer to replace the defrosted food, a whole Scottish salmon.

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