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Episode 10: The Blue Scorpion

39min - The Blue Scorpion - A depressed anthropologist learns of his father's death. (S1, Ep 10)

Episode 9: Blurryman

36min - Blurryman - A Twilight Zone screenwriter finds the show's now about her. (S1, Ep 9)

Episode 8: Point of Origin

40min - Point of Origin - A woman covers for her housekeeper's immigration status. (S1, Ep 8)

Episode 7: Not All Men

39min - Not All Men - A town's males become prone to outbursts of violence. (S1, Ep 7)

Episode 6: Six Degrees of Freedom

50min - Six Degrees of Freedom - With Earth devastated, spaceship Bradbury heads for Mars. (S1, Ep 6)

Episode 5: The Wunderkind

37min - The Wunderkind - A campaign manager attempts to redeem himself. (S1, Ep 5)

Episode 4: A Traveler

47min - A Traveler - A strange man appears in a police station's cells. (S1, Ep 4)

Episode 3: Replay

42min - Replay - A magical camcorder turns back time. (S1, Ep 3)

Episode 2: The Comedian

51min - The Comedian - A comedian finds things he jokes about vanish. (S1, Ep 2)

Episode 1: Nightmare at 30,000 Feet

34min - Nightmare at 30,000 Feet - A man listens to a podcast saying his own flight is doomed. (S1, Ep 1)