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USA - Los Angeles Pt. 2

USA - Los Angeles

USA - Nashville

USA - Memphis

Ricky has an unfortunate accident when the Boys get to Memphis. Then, they meet Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, who helps Bubbles record a song.

USA - New Orleans

In New Orleans, the Boys take on a giant pile of seafood, Julian visits a psychic, Ricky looks for a doctor, and Bubs sleeps in a cemetery.

USA - Charlotte

The Boys get to their hotel in Charlotte 45 minutes before checkout time. They find out their task for the day: reach a ground speed of 200 mph.

USA - Orlando, Part 2

Still in Orlando, Bubbles and the Boys go to a big cat park. Ricky attempts to wrestle an alligator and Julian takes the Boys off-roading.

USA - Orlando

After finding out that Bubs misread the fine print about their hotel situation, the Boys head to the astronaut training program at NASA.