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Toriko and Komatsu, Setting Out on a New Journey

Reach Him, Komatsu's Yells! Toriko Awakens

An Attack to Come Back from Hopelessness! The Four Heavenly Kings, the Ultimate Technique

The Beginning of the End! Toriko vs. Joa

Shock! The True Identity of the Mastermind "Joa"

History's Greatest Enemy! Joa Appears

Toriko, Counterattack! Ultimate Routine

Counterattack! Zebra Gets Moving

The Moment of Conclusion! Sunny's Final Power

Duel! Sunny vs. Tommyrod

Struggle to the Death! Coco vs. Grinpatch

The Terrible Trump Card! The Gourmet World Monsters, the "Nitro"

Top Showdown! IGO vs. Bishokukai

Wild Battle! Toriko's Strongest Attack

Protect Komatsu! Toriko vs. Starjun

Outbreak of War! Bishokukai's Furious All-out Attack

Who Is the Strongest Combo? Entire Island Cooking

Life or Death, Scale Death Cooking

Sneaky! Stormy! Buranchi, Pulling Ahead

Cooking Legend, Meet Tengu Buranch

Komatsu in Trouble!? Triathlon Cooking

Great Imminent Troubles!? Cooking Fest Opens

Toriko's New Technique "Nail Gun"

Toriko VS Gourmet World Monster Monplant""

The Forthcoming Festival the Wriggling "Dangerous Guys"

Ultimate Technique "Dinner of the Kings"

Explode! Curiosity for Taste! The Four Heavenly Kings' Combination Technique

Save Mankind with Your Miraculous Food Luck

The Four Heavenly Kings' Worst Dilemma! Komatsu's Determination

The Four Beast's Shockng Union and the Green Rain