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Behind the Bullet

40min - The marksmen return to reveal their secrets to competing this season. They discuss the unseen skills, strategies and the most controversial shots from the competition. Plus a sneak peek to marksmen chosen for Season 3.


42min - The final four contestants compete to determine the winner of the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot. They face the most intense series of challenges of the competition.

Down to the Wire

41min - Marksmen shoot while hanging from a 125-foot crane, then shoot from the back of moving jeep. In the last episode before the finale, the final five marksmen face the two biggest challenges of the competition.

The Shakedown

42min - The competition shakes up literally, as the final six marksmen are forced to shoot from unstable platforms. Season One winner, Iain Harrison, returns to lend a steady hand. Meanwhile, tensions among the final competitors come to a head.

The 1000 Yard Shot

42min - Marksmen face a supreme long-range test, the iconic 1000 yard shot. They will use the biggest gun ever used in Top Shot competition — a Barrett 82A1 .50. Teams dissolve and it is every marksmen for himself.

Catch .22

42min - Competitors face an extreme shooting gallery. With only eight remaining, it’s back to marksmanship basics. The marksmen face off with a firearm they’re all familiar with, a .22, and the level playing field allows them to see who really excels.

Trick Shot Showdown 2

43min - It’s a Trick Shot Showdown! Contestants split a bullet on an axe, shoot with both hands and upside down as they attempt iconic shots from exhibition shooting history. Some marksmen step up to the extreme challenge while others fall short.

Bury the Hatchet

42min - Marksmen compete with legendary primitive weapons: the tomahawk and blowgun. One of the most intense challenges of the season allows us to see who has natural skills and adaptability — and who doesn’t.

Quickfire Face-Off

42min - It’s all about speed as marksmen face off in a head-to-head speed-shooting showdown. Using a Colt .45 and a rarely-seen Razorcat Racing Gun, contestants also get surprise visitors to help them with their training.

Compound Fracture

43min - Using a modern compound bow, contestants’ archery skills are put to the test. Contestants must rank themselves before competing in a tubular team challenge. Meanwhile, tensions with team leadership threaten to unravel the group.

Uphill Battle

42min - In this military-themed episode, teams try to blow up an ammo dump. Using the legendary M1A rifle, they face a literal uphill battle. One contestant's shocking mistakes put his team in jeopardy. In the elimination challenge, marksmen face an obscured targets challenge using the Glock 17 pistol.

Shoot or Be Shot

42min - For the first time on Top Shot, contestants will be able to shoot … each other! Using prohibition era weapons, teams will have to hit their targets, all while the other team tries to shoot them with paintball guns. In the elimination challenge, two contestants face off with the iconic “Tommy Gun”.

Sharpshooter Surprise

42min - 14 men and 2 women arrive from around the country to compete for the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot–only to face a surprise right from Civil War history: exactly 150 years ago, soldiers had to pass a test to get into the first sharpshooting regiment. Using the same weapon, marksmen will face the same challenge and find another surprise. The two marksmen who had the best shots, two amateurs with dramatically different personalities, now have the opportunity to choose their own teams, a situation that sets the entire competition in motion. After choosing teams, they face a team challenge of extreme billiards and an elimination challenge which ultimately sees the first marksmen sent home. Colby Donaldson returns as host.