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Episode 12: Ken

24min - Kaneki and Hide reunite and revisit times spent together. Kaneki and Touka each remember other members of Anteiku as they and CCG cope with loss.

Episode 11: Deluge of Flowers

24min - Suzuya is left to face the Owl on his own. When Aogiri Tree joins the battle, CCG faces an overwhelming number of opponents. Kaneki confronts Amon.

Episode 10: Last Rain

24min - As war escalates between CCG and Anteiku, a civilian gets caught in the fray, but Hachikawa relentlessly presses on. Shinohara gets surprising advice.

Episode 9: City in Waiting

24min - Yoshitoki moves forward with the operation to eradicate the Owl. The officers involved write their last words before putting their lives on the line.

Episode 8: Old Nines

24min - When Kaneki digs for information about the Owl, he hears a tragic tale. Touka plans to leave Anteiku. A snowy day brings business to the coffee shop.

Episode 7: Permeation

24min - Tsukiyama tells Yoshimura about Kaneki's cannibalistic intentions. Hinami accompanies Tsukiyama to a coffee shop, where she runs into Takatsuki again.

Episode 6: Thousand Paths

24min - A look back at Suzuya's hellish boyhood reveals how he came to work for CCG. As Touka studies for exams, a new waitress fills in for her at Anteiku.

Episode 5: Rift

24min - Years after living together at a CCG children's home, Kurona, Nashiro and Suzuya reunite in combat. Ayato faces an uphill battle against Shinohara.

Episode 4: Deeper Layers

24min - Amon and Akira visit Amon's former foster father to get information on the Owl, but they're ambushed by Aogiri Tree ghouls led by Kaneki and Ayato.

Episode 3: Hangman

24min - A CCG prison bus is ambushed by Aogiri Tree members. At Anteiku, Touka and Hinami react differently to news that Kaneki is involved in the attack.

Episode 2: Dancing Flowers

24min - With Kaneki gone, Touka finds distraction in studying. Still reeling from casualties from fighting Aogiri, CCG gears up for their next battle.

Episode 1: New Surge

24min - Amon insists on joining Shinohara and Kuroiwa as they take on the Owl. Yomo, Tsukiyama and Uta fight Noro and find him to be a surprising opponent.