Stream, lej eller køb

Mook Island/Cliphangers

Timon in Love/Kahuna Potato

It Runs Good/Hot Air Buffoons

He's a Bad, Bad, Bad Sport/Dapper Duck Burgers

Stay Away from My Honey!/Sitting Pretty Awful

Timoncchio/Ghost Boosters

The Spy's the Limit/Ready, Aim, Fire

Nearly Departed/Early Bird Watchers

Guru-Some/Jailhouse Shock

Wishy Washy/Ice Escapades

The Running of the Bullies/Special Defects

Don't Be Elfish/Lights, Camera, Traction

Mister Twister/Common Scents

War Hogs/The Big No Sleep

Pig-malion/Why No Rhino

Miss Perfect/Hakuna Matata U.

One Tough Bug/Pirates of Pumbzance

No-Good Samaritan/Living in De Nile

Space Ham/You Bet Your Tuhkus

Steel Hog/Dealer's Choice Cut

Ivy Beleaguered/Broadway Bound & Gagged

Recipe for Disaster/Going Over-Boar'd

Jungle Slickers/Don't Wake the Neighbear

You May Have Already Won Six Million Bakra/My Meteor, My Friend

Two for the Zoo/The Swine in the Stone

All Pets Are Off/Boary Glory Days

Robin Hoodwinked/Serengeti Western

Bigfoot, Littlebrain/Astro-Nots

Hot Enough for Ya?/Werehog of London

Super Hog-o/Don't Have the Vegas Idea