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Shake Your Djibouti

Okay Bayou?

Congo on Like This

Let's Serengeti out of Here

In this very special episode, without any dialogue, Timon and Pumbaa pursue a bumblebee accompanied by a classical music score. Timon and Pumbaa have problems getting past a mountain goat.

Paraguay Parable

In the second part of this special two-part episode, Pumbaa's old warthog sounder is in danger and our intrepid, exuberant heroes go back to help.

Manhattan Mishap

In the first part of this special two-part episode, Zazu visits Rafiki to learn why Timon is an outcast. In part two, Zazu learns from Rafiki the extraordinary story of how Timon and Pumbaa met.

LH: TV Dinner

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa learn their lesson about safety at the expense of Boss Beaver and his very flammable lumber mill. Jack & The Beanstalk meets Thanksgiving.


When Simba is kidnapped by Roman Emperor, Colosseum Quint-eus, for refusing to eat Timon and Pumbaa, the duo try to rescue him and stop his lion opponent Claudius from fighting him the next day. After deliberate accidents caused by Boss Beaver's obnoxious son Boy Beaver happen at an amusement park, Timon and Pumbaa must work at the park to repay the damage.

RF: Rafiki's Apprentice

In this episode, Wild West locals mistake Pumbaa for the notorious outlaw The Cisco Pig. Timon dresses up as Super-Duper Hero X as part of a get-rich-quick scheme, but then he is mistaken for the real thing by one of Hero X's enemies.

Unlucky in Lesotho

In this episode, mistreated by some natives, Timon and Pumbaa team up with a magical, mythical beast in order to exact their revenge. When Pumbaa can't catch bugs anymore, it's Timon to the rescue!

LH: Can't Take a Yolk

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa are caught by a wolverine and coerced into signing up for his "survival of the fittest" training camp. Zazu's day off is interrupted when he has to get a stubborn elephant to stop damming a river.

Don't Break the China

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa have to outwit the vulture cops to break out of prison and clear Timon of a crime which was committed by that lyin' no-good Toucan Dan. A relaxing stay on a tropical island paradise is interrupted when Timon upsets Bahooka, the Lord of the Volcano.

Okay Bayou?/Shake Your Djibouti

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa are abducted by a UFO, and Timon has to save Pumbaa from the clutches of an ominous alien robot. Timon and Pumbaa are contracted to capture a monstrous apple-eating worm, so that Apple Valley's Apple Festival can go on as planned.

Let's Serengeti out of Here/Congo on Like This

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa find themselves as unwilling subjects in Dr. Cagliostro's twisted animal experiments. Lost at sea, Timon and Pumbaa meet up with the stupidest pirates in the whole wide world.

Manhattan Mishap/Paraguay Parable

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa are out to nab a butterfly collection kept in a collector's tree house. But first they must get past a guard dog, or, uh, rather a guard tiger! When Timon berates Pumbaa for smelling bad, Pumbaa visits an odour removal expert in the hope of putting a lid on his stinkiness once and for all.

Mombasa-In-Law/The Laughing Hyenas: TV Dinner

In this episode, Timon and Pumbaa are stuck in a mini-mall, trying to avoid their Antarctic nemesis, Irwin. Timon and Pumbaa go to the library in search of a very special native creature: the bookworm.

Unlucky in Lesotho/Rafiki Fables: Rafiki's Apprentice

In this episode, in need of an act for the Serengeti Star talent contest, Timon and Pumbaa meet up with a magic rabbit. Problem is, the rabbit only wants Timon to be a part of the act. Thanks to Timon, a dangerous criminal mastermind toucan (Toucan Dan) has escaped. Timon and Pumbaa have to re -capture Toucan Dan or else face the wrath of the Vulture Cops.

Don't Break the China/LH: Can't Take a Yolk/Stand by Me

In this episode, despite Pumbaa's wish to keep the Mister Pig contest fair and honest, Timon decides his pal needs a little unsolicited help. The Spotless Arms, the cleanest hotel in the world, has a problem with a couple of tomato-throwing pesky messy cockroaches! Timon and Pumbaa are called in to take care of the problem.

Mojave Desserted/Rafiki Fables: Beauty and the Wildebeest

In this episode, when Pumbaa can't get to sleep, Timon's bedtime stories transport them to a wonderland where the fairy tales take one eye-opening turn after another. Zazu gets fired when he makes a simple mistake.

Madagascar About You/Truth or Zaire/Song: Yummy Yummy Yummy

In this episode, a Gypsy moth's curse turns Timon into a bug. Despite Rafiki's best efforts to stop an argument between Timon and Pumbaa, it turns into an all-out brawl anyway.

Rocky Mountain Lie/Amazon Quiver

In this episode, the friends are out for gold when they meet up with Courteous Quint, the nicest man in the Arctic. Pumbaa think he's great, but Timon think he's after their gold. A flock of flamingos is standing out on a sandbar and Timon is certain they're out there for a reason - and determined to find out what it is. Will curiosity kill the meerkat?

Russia Hour/You Ghana Join the Club

In this episode, Pumbaa helps Timon pass his manhood tests so he can become a fully fledged meerkat. Timon and Pumbaa try to keep a cute cuddly little fox out of the clutches of an ace hunting hound.

Yukon Con/Doubt of Africa

When Timon and Pumbaa get jobs helping a beaver build a dam, Timon is against it - until he learns they get paid. Soon, he cares more about money and power than friendship. Pumbaa gets tired of having "useless" tusks, so Timon sells them to a trio of natives. When Timon and Pumbaa learn the natives must kill Pumbaa in order to remove the tusks, they beat a retreat. In the end, Pumbaa uses his tusks to outsmart the pursuing natives, thus learning they aren't useless at all.

Brazil Nuts/South Sea Sick/Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Timon and Pumbaa fall asleep beneath a perfect palm tree - on a tree farm! They soon find themselves transplanted to the landscaped rooftop of a palm beach hotel. Though they want to rest their rumps in vacation paradise, Concierge Quint is determined to remove these vagabonds from the premises. Timon and Pumbaa chase a bat (that they think is a moth) into a nefarious, bloodthirsty vampire bat's house. And soon learn they are the main course!