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Yogi's Birthday Party

Bear Foot Soldiers/Royal Rodent/Judo Ex-Expert

Ice Box Raider/One Two Many/Baddie Buddies

Threadbare Bear/Footlight Fright/Full Course Meal

Droop-a-Long Yogi/Rent and Rave/Witch Duckter

Batty Bear/Tail Wag Snag/Dog Pounded

Queen Bee for a Day/Don't Know It Poet/Nobody Home Duck

Yogi in the City/Legal Eagle Lion/Hasty Tasty

A Wooin' Bruin/Spring Hits a Snag/Duck Seasoning

Missile-Bound Bear/Be My Ghost/Beach Brawl

Loco Locomotive/Charge That Lion/Mad Mix Up

Missile Bound Yogi/Cagey Lion/Foxy Friends

Yogi's Pest Guest/Lions Share Sheriff/All's Well That Eats Well

Iron Hand Jones/Fight Fright/Stamp Scamp

Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket/Lion Tracks/The Most Ghost

Acrobatty Yogi/Jangled Jungle/Shrunken Headache

Touch and Go-Go-Go/Express Trained Lion/Count to Tenant