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Disguise and Gals/Remember the Daze/Foxy Proxy

A Bear Living/Remember Your Lions/Ha-Choo to You!

Slap Happy Birthday/Cloak and Stagger/Horse Collared

Bearface Disguise/Twice Shy/Happy Birthdaze

Love-Bugged Bear/Arrow Error/It's a Duck's Life

Home Sweet Jellystone/Diaper Desperado/Oh Duckter

Cub Scout Boo Boo/Having a Bowl/School Fool

Genial Genie/The Gangsters All Here/Duck the Music

Biggest Show-Off on Earth/Knights and Daze/Whistle-Stop and Go

Bears and Bees/Paws for Applause/Duck Hunting

Do or Diet/The Roaring Lion/Railroaded Duck

Spy Guy/Royal Ruckus/Foxy Duck

A Bear Pair/Fraidy Cat Lion/Easter Duck

Gleesome Threesome/Live and Lion/Dog Flight

Booby Trapped Bear/Feud for Thought/Hop, Duck and Listen

Oinks and Boinks/Major Operation/Out of Luck Duck