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Graduation on Deck

Graduation gets moved earlier when Mr. Tipton sells the S.S. Tipton. Cody and Bailey anxiously await their acceptance letters to Yale and Zack decides to break up with Maya to avoid a long distance relationship.

Prom Night

The senior prank backfires when Moseby angrily cancels prom, but Zack devises a way to have a secret underground prom in order to make Maya happy. Also, Bailey becomes obsessed with becoming prom queen once she finds out London is out of the running.

Snakes on a Boat

Woody accidently releases a crate of snakes on the boat, and it's up to him and London to try and track them down before it gets out of hand.

Twister: Part 3

When Moseby, Zack and Woody hear about the tornado that hit Kettlecorn, they embark on a mission to get to their friends. Meanwhile, Cody asks Mr. Tipton to step in and help save Bailey's farm so that she can come back to school.

Twister: Part 2

Cody arrives in Kettlecorn, but before he can confess his feelings for Bailey, her ex-boyfriend, Moose, shows up and tries to win her back. When a tornado approaches, Bailey gets knocked out and goes on a journey with a scarecrow, a tinman, and a lion.

Twister: Part 1

London offers to take Bailey home for her grandma's 90th birthday party in Kettlecorn. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody challenge Moseby and his brother to a basketball game - only to discover that Moseby's brother is basketball player Dwight Howard.

The Play's the Thing

When Miss Tutweiller assigns the class to write and direct a one act play, Cody and Bailey both write their own versions of their breakup. Meanwhile, Zack notices that Moseby isn't his usual self.

A London Carol

It’s Christmas and Bailey and Cody work hard to get presents for needy children. When London is asked to contribute something, she refuses and gets a visit from her Mirror, who shows her how she has behaved in the past and present and what that behavior will mean for her future.


Cody is going to Antarctica to study with famed scientist Dr. Cork. Zack and Woody decide to join him, but the adventure turns to disaster when Dr. Cork takes their snowmobile and leaves the station. The boys think he has abandoned them and are frightened by a visit from a creature who seems to be the Abominable Snowman. Meanwhile, London is excited that Arturo Vitelli, her favorite fashion designer, is visiting the ship. But when Arturo announces that he has retired from fashion design, London locks him in her room until he designs something new for her. Arturo finds inspiration in Bailey's wardrobe and unveils his new collection which horrifies London and excites Bailey.

My Sister's Keeper

Woody asks Cody to show his sister, Willa, around the ship when he gets stuck doing a paper - but fails to mention how pretty and cool she is. But when Cody takes Willa on a date, he then learns exactly how much like Woody she can really be.

Senior Ditch Day

Zack, London and Woody head to a posh beach club for senior ditch day, but when the bouncer won't let Woody in, London and Zack go in without him. Meanwhile, Ms. Tutweiller gives Bailey and Cody an assignment to try and see who can have more fun.

The Ghost and Mr. Martin

The gang docks in Japan and Carey surprises Zack and Cody when she lets them know she’s in Japan to shoot a commercial. The boys visit Carey on the set and then Zack accidentally breaks an expensive camera. To pay back the money, Carey and the boys must become tasters for a soda pop company. Meanwhile, Woody defeats sumo wrestler Mikio in a wrestling match to win a Tipton Gold Pass card and London tries to disguise herself to avoid going to the dentist.

Trouble in Tokyo

When the gang docks in Louisiana, Zack gets visited by the ghost of the Captain of the Jessie Belle, which sunk under mysterious circumstances. Cody and Woody attempt to help Zack catch the ghost. Meanwhile, London and Bailey accidentally hear Mr. Moseby play the piano and are shocked at how skilled he is. When they confront him, he confides that after an embarrassing incident he had as a young boy at a recital, he now faints whenever he plays in front of people. London and Bailey figure out a way to eventually trick Mr. Moseby into playing for the ship’s passengers.

Love and War

Cody continues to encourage Zack to be a good boyfriend to Maya, but Zack insists he won’t have to change his ways to make her happy. When Maya invites Zack to a poetry reading at the same time that he’s supposed to compete in a video game championship with his friends, Zack decides to sneak between both activities to keep his girlfriend and his friends happy. Meanwhile, Bailey and London volunteer to take care of the kids in the ship’s playroom.

Party On!

Sean Kingston guest-stars as himself, revealing to Zack that he has a crush on London. Zack convinces Sean that if he throws London a surprise sports party, she will like him. Unfortunately, Zack tells Maya the party is for her, and then tells Moseby the party is for him. Meanwhile, Bailey and Cody decide to go on the Belgian chocolate factory tour as friends.

Computer Date

The kids are excited that their old friend Arwin is visiting the ship to install a new supercomputer. Callie, the computer, really impresses Cody – especially when “she” creates a mobile unit so that she can better interact with him. But as Callie focuses her attentions on Cody, she begins to sabotage the ship’s functions and Cody must figure out how to power her down. Meanwhile, Zack helps London and Woody get credit for gym class.

Bon Voyage

After the below-deck Aqua Lounge is accidentally flooded, Moseby is forced to find the culprit and expel him or her from the school. When it turns out it is Moseby himself who is responsible, London intervenes to save his job. And Marcus develops a hip-hop opera based on his hit song Retainer Baby. The show is selected to be produced on Broadway, and Marcus leaves the ship after an emotional farewell.

Das Boots

Cody competes against a beautiful Russian woman in a chess competition, but is distracted by her charms. With Marcus’ help, though, he begins playing well (by wearing a blindfold). Meanwhile, Maya, Zack, Woody and London are trapped without air in a submarine. Cody has to choose between chess victory and saving his brother. While in the sub, Maya and Cody reveal their feelings for each other.

My Oh Maya

Zack is very happy to meet Maya, a new student and waitress on the ship. He wants to date her but she turns down his romantic advances, so Zack turns to Cody for help wooing her. Cody is adjusting to life on the ship without Bailey and trying to recover from the heartache caused by the end of their relationship. Meanwhile, Marcus discovers that Dante has snuck onboard and wants Marcus to help him with his music career.

So You Think You Can Date?

Cody and Bailey are still getting used to not being a couple when Miss Tutweiller decides to throw an ‘80s party. Unfortunately, Moseby wants to host his Renaissance dance the same night. Both Miss Tutweiller and Moseby have not too fond memories of when they were younger and unable to get a date to the dance. Cody and Bailey struggle to get a date to the dance to prove to each other they have moved on. Zack and London try to help Cody and Bailey, respectively.

Rat Tale

When Cody and Bailey are returning each other's things after their breakup, they begin arguing over who should keep Buck, their pet rat. After Buck bites Woody, Zack jokingly tells him that he is developing the characteristics of a rat.

The Silent Treatment

Cody and Bailey try to deal with their grief over their romantic breakup. For Cody, this means running to a secluded island monastery, while for Bailey it means accepting Miss Tutweiller’s offer to eat ice cream and dress up cats. In the end, the honesty and care of their friends brings them back from their respective refuges.

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