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Breakup in Paris

Bailey and London bet each other that London can’t be nice to Bailey for one week. To help her win, London agrees to let Mr. Blanket treat her with aversion therapy, seemingly curing her of her need to insult others. Meanwhile, Cody gets stalked by a bullying seagull and devises various ways of capturing the bird.

Mean Chicks

Thanks to a prank by Zack’s descendant, Zerk, that threatens to destroy humans 500 years in the future, Robot Moseby visits the Starship Tipton in search of Zack to destroy him so that Zerk will never be born. Instead, the gang offers to help and are transported to the future on-board the Starship Tipton where London meets her great-great-great-great-great grandson Rome and Zack, Cody, Marcus and Bailey try to convince the Anterians to not attack their ship.

Starship Tipton

The group, with the help of Miss Tutweiller, put together a news show to be viewed by S.S. Tipton passengers. But the news becomes the least important aspect when egos begin to get out of control. All that changes when Cody is sure he has an exciting news story. Meanwhile, Kirby longs for the past when he was the star of his own show.

Seven Seas News

Bailey and Cody adopt two baby whales, but are alarmed to find out that the S.S. Tipton is in the whales’ path and could interrupt their sonar navigation. When the Captain and Moseby refuse to alter their course, Bailey, Cody, Marcus and Zack trick the crew to get access to the engine room. Meanwhile, London wants to get to the next destination of Valparaiso for the opening of a new Tipton hotel.

I Brake for Whales

The gang heads to Morocco where Cody tries to buy earrings that Bailey admired, only to have Zack interfere and ruin the deal. Zack tries to make it up to Cody by agreeing to eat food cooked by the merchant’s mother in order to get a good price on the earrings. Meanwhile, London buys a lamp and everyone is convinced there is a genie in the lamp when wishes start coming true.

Rock the Kasbah

Zack and Cody’s old girlfriends Jessica and Janice visit the ship with a group of models overseen by the stern Cyndi. Cody thinks Bailey is jealous of Jessica, regardless of how many times she says she is not. Zack and Marcus plan a party with the models while Moseby is off the ship to visit friends. When Cyndi comes to check up on her models, the group sends Woody down as “Woodlander,” a male model, to distract her.

Model Behavior

Miss Tutweiller hopes to teach her class about life by having them form pairs and be pretend-married for two weeks. Things get tense between Cody and Bailey when he is required to pretend he has two broken legs as part of the activity, and the class erupts during a pretend couples game-show arranged by Miss Tutweiller. Ultimately, Cody and Bailey learn to compromise with each other.

Marriage 101

While Tutweiller tries to teach the students the lessons from fairy tales, Zack, Cody and the gang fall asleep and find themselves in the fairy tales of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Once Upon a Suite Life

London has been asked by her father to create an invention that will appeal to young people. The prize: one million dollars. When London challenges Bailey, Cody, Zack and Marcus to create an exciting new invention for a million dollars, they come up with inventions that seem to just appeal to their particular tastes. After London has them get together, they create “Granny Smith” a robot that cooks and kills, to the horror of the ship passengers. When London feels depressed because she’s too dumb to come up with her own invention, Moseby gives her a pep talk and points out that her makeup notebook is an impressive invention. London decides she will present her invention to her father, who thinks it’s the best and gives London the million dollars.

London's Apprentice

The group heads to an island to an archaeology dig. Once there, Cody is convinced he can find a treasured, but long-lost crown belonging to Princess Xaria. When Zack accidentally finds the crown, Bailey becomes possessed by the spirit of Princess Xaria. Once she takes Zack prisoner, Cody and the gang follow to return the crown to the princess’ statue and free Bailey from her spirit and Zack from a punishment inflicted by Princess Xaria.

Can You Dig It?

The S. S. Tipton has docked in London, England, which gives Cody the opportunity to visit the local Sherlock Holmes exhibit. While there, a priceless copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles is stolen, and Cody takes it upon himself to discover the thief. Meanwhile, Marcus is jealous that London has fallen for a British lord, Wicket. This jealousy leads to a croquet tournament, with Zack and Marcus playing against Wicket and his friend, Snively. They get badly beaten in the first round, until Moseby reveals that he was a childhood croquet prodigy. With his help, they begin beating the Brits, until intentionally losing at the last second in order to help capture the book thief. London rejects Wicket and hugs Marcus, as she believes he is a hero for his help in the capture.

Rollin' With the Holmies

After Cody is humiliated during a football game, Kirby, a former football player, offers to coach him. Meanwhile, Zack, Woody and Marcus start a fantasy football league and decide to let London play because she will contribute a solid gold trophy.

Any Given Fantasy

Cody forgets to do an assignment and so lies to Ms. Tutweiller. The lie snowballs out of control and results in a boat-wide panic, a hunt for an imaginary alligator and a chance for Marcus to help out. Meanwhile, the ship’s counselor arranges an unconventional exercise to get Zack and Moseby to start tolerating and understanding one another.

The Defiant Ones

Esteban, the bellboy from The Tipton Hotel (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), comes to visit the gang on the S.S. Tipton so they can participate in his upcoming wedding. The only problem is Esteban’s outspoken mother, Senora Ramirez, does not like his fiancé Francesca. London and Bailey decide to help Senora Ramirez find another passion besides her son and the boys encourage Esteban to stand up to his overbearing mother.

Mother of the Groom

Zack and Cody are excited to visit Sweden and learn more about their ancestors. They soon discover their forefathers are blamed for losing the town’s herring food supply centuries ago and are reviled. The boys learn that the town’s mayor is hiding the real truth and they are determined to make sure the villagers know the real story so they can clear their ancestors’ names. Meanwhile, Moseby and Marcus go to the local Umaka store so that Moseby can get a screw to fix a nightstand he bought there ten years ago. A simple task that turns into a nightmare.

The Swede Life

Zack organizes a beauty pageant to help him pick which girls he wants to romantically pursue. Frustrated by London’s constant insults, Bailey decides to enter and takes on Cody as her coach. Zack, having gained all the information that he needs about the girls from their registration forms, cancels the pageant. Moseby discovers the ruse, however, and un-cancels it, putting Zack, Woody and Marcus in charge as judges. Ultimately, despite a lack of support from Cody, Bailey wins the pageant, and the boys get a taste of their just desserts.

The Beauty and the Fleeced

It’s Zack and Cody’s birthday, and the brothers get in a fight that makes them wish they each were an only child. The S.S. Tipton suddenly passes through a dimensional warp in the Bermuda Triangle, into a new world in which the brothers have never met and have switched places. Suddenly, Zack is the nerdy nervous one and Cody, arriving on the ship for the first time, is the mischievous and rude one. Despite their initial friction, they eventually learn to care for one another. Suddenly, the ship returns to the regular world, and the brothers find themselves closer than ever.

Bermuda Triangle

Jordin Sparks visits the S.S. Tipton to perform a concert, and Zack and Cody decide to write a song for her to sing. Marcus tries to help and he and Cody get in an argument. They reconcile and perform their song outside Jordin’s window, and she ultimately asks to use the song for her new album. Zack’s hopes of getting rich are ruined, though, when she says the album’s proceeds will all go to charity. Meanwhile, a fan of London’s Internet show Yay Me! visits the ship and begins to emulate London a little too much.

Crossing Jordin

Marcus officially joins the gang when he becomes Zack’s new roommate, much to Zack’s displeasure. When Marcus seems reluctant to talk about his past, Woody goes on the Internet and discovers Marcus was Li’l Little, a very popular rapper. When Marcus tells Zack why he doesn’t want to be known as Li’l Little anymore, Zack helps him to relive the childhood he never had. All seems fine until Zack asks Marcus for his autograph to impress a girl. Marcus is convinced he is just being used again, but Moseby helps him to accept who he is. Meanwhile, Cody continues to challenge Bailey to competitions that she always wins.


Following the events of Part 1, the kids are stuck on a desert island with little chance of rescue. While Cody enviously watches Zack impress Bailey with his survival skills, London pretends to have lost her mind in order to avoid having to do any work. Eventually, Cody wins Bailey’s forgiveness by an act of bravery and intelligence, and the group finds an inventive way to escape the island. Meanwhile, having noticed the kids are missing, Moseby and Miss Tutweiller find themselves lost at sea as well. While the kids make their way back to the S.S. Tipton, the adults wind up on the same desert island the kids just left.

Lost at Sea

Zack, Cody, Bailey, London and Woody are accidentally lost at sea and, after Cody goes behind the group’s back and changes their lifeboat’s direction, end up on a desert island. They are seemingly stuck without rescue and, to make matters worse, Bailey breaks up with Cody.

Goin' Bananas

Miss Tutweiller confiscates London’s many cell phones after catching her texting in class. Bailey tries to help London find an alternate hobby to do with her hands other than texting. Meanwhile, Zack steals an old term paper from Cody to turn in to Miss Tutweiller, only to discover Cody inserted a bizarre paragraph about a bananaphobia. Now Zack has to see the school counselor Mr. Blanket to uncover why he has a fear of bananas. When Mr. Blanket has Cody dress as a banana to help Zack confront his fears and anxieties, the brothers realize they have hidden resentments about each other.

Family Thais

London takes Bailey with her to visit her grandmother in Thailand, only to discover she has nothing in common with her. London is convinced her grandmother will not love her for who she is. Meanwhile, Zack is determined to go out on a date with Sasha, but first he has to convince Cody to be wingman and date Sasha’s talkative friend Hilary.

Smarticle Particles

Zack sets up a prank for Woody, but Becky becomes the unintended victim. When Becky finds out Zack was behind the prank, she threatens to beat him up, easy for her because she’s on the boys’ wrestling team. Zack lies to Becky and tells her he did it because he likes her. Now Zack has to figure out how to make Becky not like him. Meanwhile, Bailey bets Cody that she can tutor London and help her pass her upcoming tests. When a straightforward approach doesn’t work, Bailey tries a little psychology.

Kitchen Casanova

Cody becomes the teacher for the Home Economics class and all the girls in the class begin flirting with him because of his skill at cooking. Bailey, who is in the class, is not happy about all the attention he’s getting. London causes Zack to sneeze chocolate pudding on his canvas in art class, creating a painting that becomes a highly profitable area for London.

In the Line of Duty

Mr. Moseby and Miss Tutweiller decide instead of punishing Zack, who is always in detention, they’ll give him a job where he’s in charge. Unfortunately, they make Zack hall monitor and he takes it to the extreme by putting most of the students in detention.


London falls for handsome magician Armando, but becomes jealous when she sees his lovely assistant. After she arranges the assistant’s abrupt disappearance, she tries to replace her and ends up ruining Armando’s magic show and, it seems, their relationship. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody have their first fight, and Cody and Bailey try to find some time alone.

The Spy Who Shoved Me

Zack and Cody witness spy John Smith board the SS Tipton, and agree to stay quiet about his presence. When he gets food poisoning, however, they are enlisted to complete his mission and retrieve a microchip from the lovely Red Finger. Nobody is who they seem to be, though, and they are soon caught up in a web of intrigue, made worse because Bailey begins to doubt whether she can trust Cody.

Lost At Sea Part 2