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Is He the Father? Is She a Molester?

He Has My Name, Is He My Son?

Encore: 4 Suspects, 2 Charges, Who Will Fail?

Did You Beat Your 3-Month-Old Baby?

I Don't Want You, I Just Want My Son

Mothers Accused of Child Abuse

Steve's Most Hated Guests

Encore: Missing Person or Homicide?

Are You Ready for the Results... No

Best of Season 8

My Daughter Said You Both Molested Her

Encore: Our Brother Should Be in Jail

Don't Listen to Your Family, You Are the Father

Did My Boyfriend Rape Me in My Sleep?

Encore: Baby Suffered Horrific Burns, Is Mom Guilty?

I Hid in the Closet to Catch Her Cheating

Is My Boyfriend Gay? Does My Girlfriend Do Porn?

Did I Fail to Protect My Child?

Fake Pregnancies

Tomented with Accusations

Worst Case of Animal Cruelty?

He Made You a Prisoner

Encore: I Know He's a Child Predator

DNA: My Husband "Is" the Father

I Promise It Was Only One Time

Are They Capable of Killing Their Own Brother?

If I Prove I'm Not Cheating, Will He Stop?

Did You Lie About the Rape?

Justice After the Show

Does Everyone Fail?

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