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Was I Sold For Drugs?

I Have 11 Kids / Is My Daughter a Prostitute?

Who Drove Drunk? / Steve & The Con Artist

The Tragic Truth (1)

Don't Waste My Time/A Sister's Bad Influence

He Tried to Run Over Our Son

My Big Brother Beats Me

Did We Have Sex?

Prove to Me You Are Clean, Mom

I Burned My Baby

Is He A Molester?

Teen Girls Go to Jail: Part 2

Teen Girls Go to Jail

Will You Stay to Get Beat?

I Left My Boys for the Bar

Steve Cleans House

Where's That Fight for Your Son?

Abused While Pregnant

Mom Made Me a Heroin Addict

I Killed My Baby

Did Grandma Hurt the Baby?

Crack Mom Made Me Prostitute

Did You Abuse My Daughter?

Feed Your Baby

Teen Girls Confess

Daddy Doesn't Care

My Son's Going to Kill Me

17-Year-Old Prostitute

Dad, I Hate You

He Didn't Mean to Beat Me

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