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Sex Crimes Blasted on Social Media

DNA: Was She Really Raped?

Did My Mom Have Sex with a 14-Year-Old?

I'm Not a Molester... She's a Liar

Updates: Child Abuse and Molestation

You Better Not Fail... Again

Did You Beat and Molest My Kids?

Molestation: I Think You're All Lying

He Sent Me a Sex Video... but I'm the Cheater?

Did You Make Your Child Sleep Outside and Eat Dog Food?

Episode #12.99

Episode #12.98

My Daughter Has Been Missing Over a Year, I Believe You Kidnapped Her

Episode #12.96

Episode #12.95

Mom, Did You Pick a Molester Over Me?

Steve, I Need Your Help... Again

Episode #12.92

I Was Told My Whole Life You Abused Me

Sexual Assault... Why Didn't You Believe Me?

Accused of Molestation... I've Lost Everything

He Raped Me and Posted the Video Online

Did I Finally Find My Real Dad?

Sex Offender: I'm Innocent Now and I Was Innocent Then

Did You Bite and Burn My 8-Month-Old Baby?

How Much More Will You Let Him Get Away with

Did My Dad Molest My Sister and Make Me Watch?

Devastated by the Truth

Episode #12.77

I Didn't Lie... I Was Sexually Assaulted