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I Burned My Baby

Steve Attacks an Attacker

Step Brother Rapist?

The Inventory of Phil

Daddy, Why Did You Sell Us?

I Do Dope with Daddy

Steve Explodes #3

The Kiss of Death

A Horror Story

Steve Explodes

I Live Under a Bridge

Steve vs. The Abuser

Guests Walk Off/Under Age and in Love

I Hurt My Child

Save My Daughter

Steve Arrests a Murder Suspect

I Gave My Kids Away/My Son Beats Me

Steve's Intervention #2

16-Year-Old Mom

Bad Mom: Bad Day/I Lost My 8 Kids

I Give Away My Babies

I Want Your Baby

I Shot My Boyfriend

DNA Disasters

Pregnant and Abused

Steve's Intervention

Did Ray Do It?

Steve and Bad Guys

Dead Beat Dads

Stop Beating Me