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Enccore: Mom Guilty of Child Porn with Daughters

Families Torn Apart by Missing Money

Steve, I Need to Know If He Molested My 3-Year-Old Daughter

Mom, I Was Raped at 12, Please Believe Me

I Don't Believe That's How He Died

Did You Watch Your Sex Offender Boyfriend Molest Your Niece?

Steve's Hero Moments

My Child Was Abused in Your Care

Did You Show Our Daughters Porn and Molest Them?

It's Not My Daughter: I Was in Jail

Your Son Deserves 20 Years: He Raped My Daughters

You Confessed!

I Know Your Sister Stole Your Diamond Ring

Your Children Tested Positive for Extremely High Levels of Cocaine

DNA: He Denies Our Daughters

I Saw the Video: You Abused My Kids

If You Pass, I Will Marry You

My Fiance Was Convicted of a Sex Crime:

She Was Afraid You Were Going to Kill Her Daughter

Did You Murder My Son and Molest Our Daughters

I May Have a Past, but I'm Not a Thief

DNA: Revenge Sex?

You're All Accused of Severe Child Abuse

When I Pass... Stop Accusing Me!

Your Exes Were Abusing Your Boys: Did You Know?

You Moved Her Into Our Home: How Can I Believe Nothing Happened?

You Already Knew the Truth: Will You Stay?

I Reported My Mom for Child Abuse When I

There's No Way You're Not Cheating

She's Paranoid, I'm Not a Molester