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Hour 6

Kenny is furious with Molly for writing a thinly veiled script about their marriage. He tells her that he will get an injunction to prevent her from ever making it. In turn, Molly makes an unexpected move to save the film.

Hour 5

Things begin heating up between Molly and Zach, but a series of mishaps continues to distract from their intimacy. Meanwhile, Molly's ex, Lou, shows up at her door, and Rodney has a very straight date.

Hour 4

Molly is surprised when her nemesis, Eve, apologizes for revealing her secret identity as the Hollywood ex-wife. Molly is suspicious and soon learns that Eve's husband Ted, a Hollywood agent, loves her writing and wants to have a meeting.

Hour 3

When Molly is exposed as the infamous Hollywood ex-wife, she becomes the most hated woman in Hollywood. She confronts the celebrity blogger who posted all of her journal entries online and exacerbates the situation by trying to snatch his laptop.

Hour 2

While Molly searches for her missing diary with Zach, Rodney is nearing the end of his rope with Felix. Meanwhile, Joan deals with her own man trouble as she tries to put a spark back into her marriage with Pappy.

Hour 1

A year has gone by since Molly Kagan's happy ending fell apart: Her children's book didn't sell, and her ex-husband is bouncing checks. Realizing she must rely on herself, Molly joins a writers' workshop to give her career a shot in the arm.