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Twin to Tweens

Mongo, a famous wrestler, takes ill after eating Proud Snacks, and Oscar and Suga Mama must step into the ring to defend Mongo's title.

Adventures In Bebe Sitting

When Mariah Carey's pet monkey, Francois, gets switched at Trudy's veterinarian office with Oscar's monkey, Mr. Chips, Francois is put to work at the Proud Snacks factory and Mr. Chips is living a life of luxury with Mariah.

Penny Potter

When Penny's Aunt Diana comes into town with her traveling telekinesis extravaganza, we learn that Suga Mama's younger sibling, Sister Spice, isn't all that nice.

Wedding Bell Blues

When Suga Mama becomes engaged to a mysterious man, Oscar suspects he is using her for her money. Suga Mama hires Smokey Robinson to sing at her wedding.

It Takes a Thief

Penny is falsely accused of stealing a watch from her new job at Wizingdale's and Suga Mama must help Penny get her good name back.

The Camp, the Counselor, the Mole and the Rock

When Penny and her friends volunteer to be junior camp counselors, Oscar decides to have one of the camp kids spy on Penny to make sure she isn't hanging out with any boys.

The Legend of Johnny Lovely

A guy by the name of Johnny Lovely comes to town and ends up showing the boys and girls a thing or two about the art of manners.

Surf and Turf

Dijonay decides to make Sticky jealous by asking out the cool new kid from Hawaii named Duke.

Adventures in BeBe-Sitting

Penny and Dijonay decide to babysit Bebe and Cece and Dijonay's ten siblings together but Dijonay sneaks out to a concert and leaves Penny with her hands full.

There's Something About Rene

The Prouds hire the perfect nanny, but when Trudy ends up with nothing to do she sends the nanny packing.

Hmmm... Tastes Like

When Suga Mama enters a snack contest against Oscar and ends up winning with her secret recipe, they decide to join forces and go into business together.

One in a Million

Penny wins a chance to shoot a half court shot at a basketball game for one million dollars. Oscar convinces her to let him make the shot to make good on a high school dream.

Tween Town

After Penny has an argument with her mom and dad, she wishes all the adults would just disappear. To her amazement, Al Roker appears and grants her wish and all the kids in the world start running things.

Pulp Boot Camp

Penny takes on the role of a bad girl when she goes undercover to do an expose for the school paper and gets caught up in the power of intimidation.

Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny

Penny and her friends take a martial art class. When her friends drop the class leaving Penny solo, Penny decides to stick it out and learns the discipline of martial arts.

Camping Trip

The Prouds' and Boulevardez end up stranded when they decided to go on a camping trip together.

Hooray for Iesha

Penny's favorite show, Iesha, is cancelled so she goes on a crusade to have the show put back on air.

Behind Family Lines

Both Trudy and Oscar's families come to visit for the twins' baptism, but end up arguing the entire time.

Poetic Justice

Dijonay and Penny battle in a spoken word competition.

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thingy, Baby

The twin's first birthday party goes haywire when the famous children's performer "Thingy" no shows while Oscar tries to entertain all the impatient babies.

A Hero for Halloween

When the Prouds discover their house may be haunted, Penny becomes a hero after eating one of Oscars' Proud Scary Snacks.

A Star Is Scorned

Penny and her friends' musical group LPDZ, get a record deal but Penny is more interested in performing solo.