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Caws And Effect

Pooh Moon

Fast Friends

Three Little Piglets

Eeyore's Tail Tale

Bubble Trouble

Where Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone?

Pooh Moon/Caws and Effect

Prize Piglet/Fast Friends

Eeyore's Tail Tale/Three Little Piglets

Where, Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone?/Up, Up and Awry

The Monster Frankenpooh/No Rabbit's a Fortress

Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger and Gopher are out camping again and telling each other stories. Tigger isn’t very good at cooking popcorn and leaves the basket too close to the fire. When it explodes, it blasts Pooh and Piglet into the air and they land in another part of the woods. Tigger, Gopher and Rabbit wake up and Tigger and Gopher think that a monster has taken Pooh and Piglet. Meanwhile, Pooh and Piglet have fallen down a deep hole... While Pooh is alone at Rabbit's house, he brings in the harvest with some help from the crows.

Un-Valentine's Day

When Owl declares that Piglet is the owner of a running trophy, a big misunderstanding ensues. Piglet really isn’t very fast at all but his friends have decided to hold a race and now they're all training for the event. The friends are feeling exasperated with Pooh because he is always late, and so Gopher somes up with an invention to speed him up, but it works too well and all his friends get exhausted just trying to keep up with him! They eventually decide that they liked the slow Pooh far better, even if he is late at times...

All's Well That Ends Wishing Well

Eeyore is dancing and his tail comes off, so he decides not to wear it. Tigger is looking for the tail, but Rabbit finds it. Pooh then takes it, thinking that it is a bee tickler, and tries to persuade some bees to part with their honey. Pooh is reading Rabbit, Tigger and Piglet a story about three little piglets. Pooh, Piglet and Tigger make lots of interesting additions to the story, such as a house of cards and The Masked Offender, swinging from a vine, but Rabbit wants to stick to the original version of the tale.

Bubble Trouble/Groundpiglet Day

First Pooh loses Rabbit's hammer and then he loses Piglet too. A series of misunderstandings follow that lead to Pooh losing all of his friends. Pooh is inspired to learn how to fly when he sees Christopher Robin flying a kite. He tells his friends how easy it would be to get honey if one could fly. Owl pours cold water on the idea, telling Pooh that the only way he is going to learn how to fly is by breaking the laws of gravity! This alarms all of Pooh's friends, who believe that he is about to do something criminal...

Rabbit Marks the Spot/Good-Bye Mr. Pooh

Tired of Pooh, Piglet and Tigger messing it up, Rabbit builds a fortress round his garden and sets a lot of traps. Rabbit explains to the friends that he is trying to keep them out, so they leave, but then Rabbit finds out that he has trapped himself in! Tigger wants Piglet to tell a scary story about "things that go shopping in the night", but Piglet has other ideas. Tigger and Piglet tell the story together, changing each other's creations as they go along, and end up creating the "Monster Frankenpooh"!

Me and My Shadow/To Catch a Hiccup

Rabbit holds a meeting to discuss how to avoid a repeat of the events of last Valentine's Day, when Pooh sent out so many cards to all his friends that they didn't know what to do with them all! The friends decide to cancel Valentine's Day this time around, but after Pooh receives an anonymous Valentine's gift, he starts the chain off all over again. All the animals are now trying to gve their Valentine's gifts in secret, but Rabbit eventually finds out what is happening!