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Alls Well That Ends Wishing Well

GroundPiglet Day

Good Bye Mr. Pooh

Rabbit Marks The Spot

Bubble Trouble

To Catch a Hiccup

Me And My Shadow

The Old SwitcheRoo

Party Poohper

Tigger, Private Ear

The New Eeyore

Lights Out

Tigger's Shoes

Fish Out Of Water

A Very, Very Large Animal

Owl Feathers

My Hero

The friends are making wishes at the wishing well when they learn that Tigger has never had a birthday. So they throw him a party right away. Piglet brings him an inflatable duck, Rabbit gets him a Tigger suit with a weight on the tail, Pooh gives him wrapping paper and Eeyore gives Tigger himself. Tigger is thrilled at first, but he gets upset when all the wishes that he's been making don't come true. Finally, Pooh ends up falling into the wishing well while he's trying to get hold of the moon!

The Rats Who Came To Dinner

Tigger has succeeded in making a bubble that can't be popped. Unfortunately, Pooh gets stuck inside one, which causes the friends a bit of trouble. Piglet and Tigger invite him to stay at their houses, but he only messes them up. Eventully, Rabbit hangs the bubble on a tree. Rabbit's calendar gets messed up when the wind comes into his little home and he tells everyone that it's Groundhog Day. To see if there will be an early spring, the friends nominate Piglet in the place of a groundhog and start asking him to make predictions...

King Of The Beasties

Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Gopher have spoiled Rabbit's garden playing at pirates and pretending to bury treasure, and Rabbit isn't happy! So he buries a fake treasure to teach them a lesson. Tigger sees Pooh taking some old honey pots to the dump and spreads a rumour that Pooh is leaving Hundred-Acre wood. Pooh's friends then throw a leaving party for him. Pooh thinks that he'd better make a show of leaving but then returns to find that Eeyore has moved into his house! Luckily, Piglet takes Pooh in until they can get Eeyore to leave.

Party Poohper/The Old SwitcheRoo

Rabbit is congratulating himself on being very organised until he remembers that he's got five hundred relatives coming over at 6pm, and he isn't ready to receive them! So he asks Pooh to make the cake and Piglet to distract his guests while he prepares to receive them. Roo doesn’t want a bath, so he hides under a flower pot. However, Kanga catches him and the friends have to think of something else. Finally Piglet climbs into Kanga's pouch and takes the bath in place of Roo.

The 'New' Eeyore/Tigger, Private Ear

Eeyore dresses up like Tigger, thinking that this will make him more popular, and starts bouncing on everything and everyone. It gets even worse when he finds a pair of roller skates amd soon no-one wants to play with him. Tigger decides that he would like to be a detective, but then he starts inventing cases to work on, to prove to everyone how good he is. Next, Tigger discovers Piglet's nose warmer (hanging from a light fitting where he placed it himself), but then he gets into trouble when he implicates Piget as a honey thief.

Tigger's Shoes/Lights Out

Rabbit wants to harvest his vegetables in peace, so he dares Tigger to bounce somewhere out of the way, giving him a pair of 'miracle' shoes. Rabbit has been grumbling about how Pooh borrows things far too often, but then he goes out to plant vegetables late at night and takes Gopher's torch helmet without asking. Rabbit is overtired next day and forgets to return the helmet. Gopher is very scared of the dark, so he is not pleased when he wakes up and finds his torch missing. Eventually, Piglet finds it under Rabbit's pillow!

A Very, Very Large Animal/Fish Out of Water

Piglet believes that he's too small so he moves away from the Hundred-Acre Wood. His friends decide to hold a welcoming party to try to convince him to stay at home. The muttonhead trout are migrating into Hundred-Acre Wood and get stuck in Gopher's tunnels. Gopher moves in with Rabbit. Rabbit isn't very happy because Gopher starts to alter his home to suit his own tastes, so he thinks up a plan to make it rain and flush the trout out of Gopher's home.

My Hero/Owl Feathers

Piglet saves Tigger from drowning in a puddle and Tigger is very grateful so he becomes Piglet's servant. Eventually, Piglet finds this rather difficult to bear - how can he find a way to remove the life debt? The friends find a pile of feathers on the path in the wood and they speculate as to whether Owl has gone bald. When Owl sees all the feathers, even he begins to worry whether he might be moulting. Christopher Robin comes to the rescue, reminding Owl of the pillow fight that they all had earlier, and Owl is comforted.

King of the Beasties/The Rats Who Came to Dinner

Tigger is trying to find out who his relations are. Looking through Christopher Robin's book, he comes across a lion. Tigger loves the idea that he is related to such an illustrious animal and he titles himself "King of the Beasties", promising to protect all the other animals in the Hundred-Acre wood from Jagulars. His friends are a bit sceptical. The pack rats are stealing things and replacing them with walnuts. When there is a flood and they sneak into Pooh's house, he decides to give them a constructive lesson.

The Wishing Bear

Christopher Robin shows Pooh the Wishing Star and Pooh wishes for a pot of honey (and Christopher Robin gives him one). Later, Pooh shows Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit the star and they all make a wish. But when clouds cover the night sky, Pooh thinks that he must have used up all the magic in the star and he tries his best to make his friends' wishes come true himself. However, nothing seems to go right for Pooh. Eventually he comes clean and Christopher Robin explains to the friends that the stars have just gone behind the clouds.

Luck Amok/Magic Earmuffs

Rabbit is admiring himself in a mirror but Tigger bounces in and breaks it. Rabbit tells Tigger that he'll have 7 years' bad luck but Tigger declares that the bad luck will all be Rabbit's, because it is his mirror. Rabbit is horrified and it takes him some time to realise that the bad luck that is now following the friends belongs to Tigger, not him. The friends all go skating together but Piget is too afraid to step onto the ice. Nothing works, until Pooh suggests Christopher Robin's earmuffs, which save the day!

The Masked Offender/Things That Go Piglet in the Night

Tigger decides to become the "Masked Offender" from one of Christopher Robin's story books and go out fighting crime. He takes Piglet with him as his sidekick. Unfortunately, they end up making all kind of mistakes and annoying all their friends in the Hundred-Acre Wood. Owl, Pooh and Gopher trick Tigger into fighting a monster made of glue and molasses. Tigger is humiliated but then he has to respond to a real emergency. After a series of misunderstandings, Pooh and his friends believe that the forest is inhabited by a ghost.

Honey for a Bunny/Trap as Trap Can

Rabbit can only find one of two bookends that he owns so he decides to throw it away, as it isn’t useful any longer. Roo takes it away and trades it to Piglet for a tennis ball. Later, Rabbit sees the bookend at Piglet's house and thinks that it is the mate to the one that he just threw out, so he tries to get it back. But Piglet wants 5 jars of honey for it and Rabbit has only got 4. Piglet and Pooh decide to lend a hand to a young Heffalump, who is trying to learn how to set traps in the forest.

Paw and Order

Christopher Robin is staging a play called "The Legend of Sheriff Piglet". Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore arrive at a desert town which has been besieged by horse theives and where all the townsfolk are leaving. Piglet is made Sheriff but he soon runs into trouble with the baddies and ends up in a jail cell. Meanwhile, Pooh and Eeyore become The Masked Bear and his faithful steed and set about rescuing Piglet and getting Nasty Jack and his henchmen to clean up the town and invigilate law and order themselves.