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Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too

Owl's Well That Ends Well

Piglet's Poohetry

To Dream the Impossible Scheme

Piglet's Poohetry/Owl's Well That Ends Well

Tigger decides to add a few lines of his own at Piglet's poetry party. Owl wishes to join the Birds of the Dawn chorus, but he can't sing.

Cloud, Cloud Go Away/To Dream the Impossible Scheme

Tigger insults a friendly white cloud, causing it to become dark and angry. Rabbit's convinced the Hundred Acre Wood will be destroyed with Gopher's Grandpappy visits.

Shovel, Shovel, Toil and Trouble/The Wise Have It

Gopher turns to modern technology and causes quite an upheaval in the Hundred Acre Wood. Tigger, Piglet and Rabbit conclude that Pooh is much older and wiser than they'd thought.

Home Is Where the Home Is

After breaking a treasured family heirloom, Christopher Robin sees no choice but to run away from home.

The Good, the Bad and the Tigger

While playing make-believe old-west, Tigger 'borrows' Christopher Robin's train and wrecks it. When Pooh is blamed, Tigger must decide whether or not to turn himself in.

A Pooh Day Afternoon

Christopher Robin bites off more than he can chew when he volunteers to dog-sit. Along the way, he and the gang learn the meaning of responsibility.

Grown, But Not Forgotten

After receiving an invitation to a "grown-up" party, a shy Christopher Robin turns to Pooh and his friends to learn correct adult manners.

Sorry, Wrong Slusher

Up later than they're supposed to be, Christopher Robin and the gang adventure to their next-door neighbor's backyard where they must save themselves from the Slusher!