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The Finale: Part 2

22min - Fran delivers her twins as C.C. gives Niles an answer to his marriage proposal.

The Finale: Part 1

22min - As she worries about getting too fat, Fran goes into labor while stuck in an elevator with C.C.

The Baby Shower

23min - A psychic predicts that Maxwell is going to leave Fran for another woman.

Maggie's Wedding

23min - Maxwell battles an old rival for the rights to the story of Yetta's love life.

Yetta's Letters

22min - Fran and Maxwell disagree when Maggie wants to get married.

The Dummy Twins

23min - Humiliated after C.C. turns down his marriage proposal, Niles decides to quit his job with the Sheffields.

The Producers

22min - Niles enlists Fran in an effort to impress C.C. by producing a play.

Ma'ternal Affairs

23min - After confronting Sylvia about her affair, Fran sets out to save her parent's marriage.

California, Here We Come

22min - When Maxwell wants to produce a television show, Fran worries about what her moving to California will do to Sylvia.

The Yummy Mummy

22min - A college visit leads Fran to worry that she embarrasses Brighton.

The Fran in the Mirror

23min - Fran loses one million dollars after investing it without consulting Maxwell first.

The In-Law Who Came Forever

22min - Fran's Aunt Frieda evicts Sylvia and Morty from their apartment, forcing them to move into the mansion.

The Hanukkah Story

22min - Fran prays for a miracle when Maxwell, Grace and C.C. are lost following a car accident.

Oh, Say, Can You Ski?

22min - Maxwell uses a ski trip with the President to take Fran's mind off trying to get pregnant.

Making Whoopi

23min - Fran turns to a Chinese herbalist in an effort to get pregnant.

Mom's the Word

22min - Fran tells Maxwell that she's pregnant and Brighton loses Yetta at the movies.

I'm Pregnant

22min - After catching her and Michael in bed, Fran learns that Maggie may be pregnant.

Maggie's Boyfriend

22min - Fran is blamed when Maggie moves in with her new boyfriend.

Sara's Parents

22min - The parents of Maxwell's late wife contest Fran's adopting the children.

Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary

22min - Fran discovers that Maxwell stills sees her as his children's nanny.

Fran Gets Shushed

23min - Maxwell and Fran find themselves at odds over her noisy lovemaking.

The Honeymoon's Overboard

22min - As C.C. and Sylvia mount a search, Fran and Maxwell try to survive after being washed up on a deserted island on their honeymoon.

Episode #6.0

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