A Visit from the Teacher

Herman's Lawsuit

Herman is hit by a car and thinks he has to pay 10,000 dollars because of the damage he did to the car when it hit him. Herman then runs away when the amount is doubled and he can not pay it.

Herman's Sorority Caper

A couple of fraternity boys mistake Herman for a dummy and cart him of to a sorority house as part of a prank.

A House Divided

Grandpa and Herman work on a secret project in the garage making a birthday present for Eddie. They set traps so no one can see what they are building. Herman then ruins Eddies present and they draw a line down the center of the whole house with each having to stay on his own side.

Herman, the Tire Kicker

Eddie's Brother

Eddie wants a baby brother so he can have someone to play with and Grandpa's answer is to create a robot brother.

A Visit from Johann

Prehistoric Munster

The Musician

Grandpa comes up with a potion to create instant musical talent for Eddie after his teacher makes him take up the trumpet.

Cyrano De Munster


Eddie becomes obsessed with Zombo, the host of a monstrous tv show and Herman gets jealous because Eddie want's to be like Zombo instead of him.

The Fregosi Emerald

Grandpa's Lost Wife

While reading a detective magazine in bed, Herman discovers a wanted article in it with Grandpa's picture, by a woman who is claiming that he is her long lost husband.

The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World

The Munster's inherit 10,000 dollars from a relative, they split it 50/50 between the men and the women. Herman and Grandpa work on a wireless electricity experiment and the ladies open a beauty parlor.

Big Heap Herman

Just Another Pretty Face

Herman goes into Grandpa's lab and messes with the experiments when he is not supposed to and is struck by lightning from one of the machines. The lightning strike changes his looks and the family starts avoiding him.

Herman Picks a Winner

Herman's Peace Offensive

Herman urges Eddie to ignore a schoolyard bully who is picking on him and then has to deal with a practical joker at work.

The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights

Underground Munster

Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?

Herman's Driving Test

A Man for Marilyn

John Doe Munster

While walking down the street, Herman is hit on the head by a 300 pound safe and develops amnesia.

Lily's Star Boarder

Operation Herman

Happy 100th Anniversary

Herman, Coach of the Year

Herman Munster, Shutterbug

Bronco Bustin' Munster