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The 'Cap'n Toby' Show

All About Yves

The Lying Game

While investigating the death of Byers' college roommate, the Lone Gunmen find evidence implicating FBI Assistant Director Skinner.

Tango de los Pistoleros

In an effort to thwart an arms trade at an upcoming tango competition, Yves and Frohike separately go undercover as tango dancers.

Diagnosis: Jimmy

While recovering in a hospital, Jimmy begins to suspect that his doctor is a wanted killer. Meanwhile, the Gunmen attempt to stop a poacher who kills grizzly bears to sell their gallbladders.

Maximum Byers

Byers and Jimmy pose as prisoners on death row in an attempt to prove a man's innocence.

Planet of the Frohikes

Madam, I'm Adam

A man contacts the Lone Gunmen, believing his life has been stolen after being abducted by aliens. They end up getting caught in a love triangle involving a one-eyed stereo salesman, brainwashing, and a wrestling dwarf.

Three Men and a Smoking Diaper

A baby is dropped into the lives of the Lone Gunmen as a link between a popular senator running a campaign for re-election and one of his campaign workers who died in a very suspicious accident.

Like Water for Octane

The Lone Gunmen and Jimmy search for the long lost water powered car that Frohike saw with his own eyes back in 1962... but they're not the only ones looking.

Eine Kleine Frohike

After the Gunmen receive a tip which could lead them to a female baker who poisoned members of the French Resistance back in World War II, Frohike goes deep undercover as her long lost son.

Bond, Jimmy Bond

The Lone Gunmen are trying to find out who killed a fellow hacker. In the midst of their adventures they meet a not-so-bright football player named Jimmy Bond.


The Lone Gunmen attempt to steal a computer chip, not knowing a thief is watching them. Byers gets bad news and the Gunmen investigate. The investigation leads to a government plot to commit terrorism on American soil.