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Stick to the Script

In this look back on season four, Erica-Marie Sanchez (Veronica Ruiz) takes us through an episode when the gang investigated a missing person's cold case.

The Name Game

Amanda, Mitch and Georgia have to get their case in order as they rush to the courthouse to put away a longtime nemesis. Also, the gang gets ready for graduation and has a hard time saying goodbye.

One Step at a Time

The entire Inspectors community is hit hard when a police officer falls in the line of duty. Also, Preston and the gang must find the child of the fallen officer before any more tragedy occurs.

My Father's Footsteps

Mitch and Amanda are called to investigate a roofing scam that adds more destruction than construction. Also, Jamestown University is holding its annual job fair, but Preston's mind is preoccupied with how his relationship will fare with Veronica after graduation.

Episode #4.22

Mitch and Amanda go across the country to assist on a television show about postal inspectors, but after running into some "mail phishers," things hardly go to plan. Also, Preston is left home alone with Veronica's new dog, but before he knows it, the little pooch has flown the coop, and it's up to him to find her.

Lost Angeles

The Inspectors are on the trail of a former soccer star who puts together a fake charity that "funds" a children's soccer team. Meanwhile, Preston and Veronica are suspicious of Noah's recent absence, but is his behavior justified?

Flyers 'N Resumes

Mitch's cousin's restaurant falls victim to a "Best Of:" scam, and the scam leads back to a big time cook. Also, Preston wins a good citizen award at Jamestown University, but did he win for the right reasons?

See You Next Time

In this look back on season four, Erica-Marie Sanchez

School's in Session

In this look back on season four, Erica-Marie Sanchez (Veronica Ruiz) takes us through an episode that involved Preston's recovery when the Inspectors were on to an insurance fraud scam.

Moving Still

A college crook gets cold feet before he makes an acidic-spray-rigged package, and he comes to the Inspectors for help. Also, Preston joins a dating website, but he worries his profile picture could be misleading.

Making Chemistry

When a toxic sticker ends up in the hands of a young girl, the Inspectors have to find out who is responsible for the accident and whether it was truly a mistake. Meanwhile, Preston is excited to work on a political campaign, but has his work cut out for him when he is put in charge of the politician's son.

Sticker Shock

Amanda and Mitch go undercover at a local diner to catch the crime family responsible for a diamond heist. Also, Noah enlists Preston and Veronica to help him with an "escape room" opportunity, but they soon realize it is more than just a game.

Diner Dash

After a diamond heist at an airport, the Inspectors are on the case to find out who is behind the heist, and just how they pulled it off. Also, Preston and Noah help Veronica get back on her feet after a bad breakup. But is everything as clear as it seems?

Senior Week

After a young student is bullied at a local middle school, the inspectors investigate when the school finds that there is more to it than hurtful words. Also, Veronica realizes her new boyfriend isn't who he seems. Air Date: Feb 2, 2019

Hurtful Words

After a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, scammers start to circle a small town in Alabama. This hits home for the Inspectors, when one of their own becomes a victim. Meanwhile, Veronica starts to date a know-it-all trivia host, and enlists Preston to help her with her relationship. But is it too soon after their own breakup for Preston to give Veronica dating advice?

Episode #4.11

Turtles are being smuggled through the mail, and it is up to the Inspectors to save the little turtles while they catch the bad guy. Also, the gang takes a trip to the beach, but Preston gets himself into trouble when he becomes jealous of Veronica's new boyfriend.

Turtle Trouble Beach Party

The Inspectors are on the case when a shipment of makeup contains a chemical harmful to the skin. Also, the gang finds themselves tied up when they help Noah house-sit for his aunt.

Blank Canvas... of Corruption

After a string of mailbox explosions, Amanda and Mitch are on the case to find the person responsible. Also, the gang helps Noah overcome new pressures when his life starts to change rapidly.

Smile Like You Mean It

The Inspectors are in the Christmas spirit, and onto a holiday scam that uses a fake charity to steal donated money. Meanwhile, the gang signs up to dog-sit an adorable little puppy, but finds that the dog's owner mistreats her. How are they supposed to give this dog back to an unfit owner?

Smells Like Christmas Spirit.

When a suspicious application shows up at Jamestown University, the school finds that the student is using a false identity. The Inspectors and the gang are on the case, but nobody can figure out who the student really is, not even the student herself.

What's in a Name

Shields and Potions

A robbery at a local post office leaves a clue for Amanda and Mitch that leads them off the beaten path. Meanwhile, Preston and Veronica help Noah compete in his favorite live action role playing game, "Shields and Potions."

Scam School

Scam schools pop up around the D.C. area to recruit and teach young college students how to commit the scams. Amanda and Mitch are on the case, with more help from Noah than they could have imagined.

The Dog House

A grocery store is robbed, losing hundreds of money orders in the process. Amanda and Mitch are on the case, and clues at the crime scene send them on a wild "dog" chase. Meanwhile, Noah puts on his own play for school, and Preston and Veronica try to give constructive criticism without revealing they fell asleep during rehearsal.

Diagnosis: Negative

A double-billing scheme is afoot, and Amanda and Mitch are on the case. Unbeknownst to these patients, their insurance is billed for unnecessary treatments and the bills are piling up. Amanda and Mitch find that Preston is closer to the crime than they thought.

Ren is the New Black

Cynthia Ren's crime syndicate is back, but this time Ren is in prison and it's up to Amanda and Mitch to figure out how to stop the fraud, and how's she's pulling the strings behind bars. Meanwhile, the young woman who was responsible for Preston's father's death is getting out of prison, and Preston struggles to find how to react. Air Date: Sep 29, 2018