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Sophia successfully transport her people in a surprising way!

The Beginning of the End

Sophia generates a deadly plot and Sean finally reunites with Leila.

One Will Live, One Will Die

Christina saves her husband while Sean and Vicky fail to stop the virus.

Us or Them

Sean and Vicky try to stop the spread of a deadly virus.


Jarvis poisons the President and doesn't realize he's being played by Sophia. Michael and Leila keep a secret from Sophia. Sean and Vicky find a mysterious corpse.

Cut Off the Head

Sophia tricks Jarvis into joining forces with her.

You Bury Other Things Too

While Sean and Vicky form an unlikely alliance, Martinez becomes suspicious of Simon.

Face Off

Martinez takes severe action against the sleepers.

A Message Back

Sean forces Vicky to work with him in his attempt to get to Dempsey.


Thomas tricks Martinez into removing uranium from a nuclear power plant.


Martinez makes a deal with Lewis to keep her quiet.

And Then There Were More

Martinez was messaged that "Preparations are being made for your arrival."

Everything Will Change

Thomas and Isabel launch a mysterious satellite.

Your World to Take

Sophia learns that Thomas and Isabel are scheming behind her back and exacts revenge on Isabel. Sean and Leila track down Abby, a prematurely wrinkled girl who has clues to Samantha's whereabouts.

For the Good of Our Country

Martinez learns that Jarvis played a key role in the assassination plot.

I Know Who You Are

While Sterling investigates the identity of a double-crossing government informant, Samantha resurfaces.


Sean and Leila discover Michael Buchanan's link to Inostranka.

Casualties of War

Sean and Agent Collier rescue Vicky while Martinez releases Sophia in order to save the lives of the Flight 514 passengers.

A Matter of Life and Death

Thomas threatens to kill people if Martinez doesn't free the Inostranka detainees. Sean and Agent Collier get closer to finding Leila, not realizing that they might be falling into a trap.

Protect Them from the Truth

After seeing the dead passengers of Flight 514, President Martinez offers William freedom in exchange for information on the sleepers. Sean forges an unlikely partnership with Agent Collier when even she can't deny the conspiracy.

To Keep Us Safe

When Sophia refuses to tell President Martinez what happened to Flight 514.

I Haven't Told You Everything

Sean's girlfriend Leila goes missing during their St. Lucia vacation.