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Final Toll

42min - With Edward Harold Bell’s parole date quickly approaching, investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige face mounting pressure to find definitive proof that links him to the Eleven. The key question–has Bell ever revealed anything only the killer would know?

Episode 5: Killer on the Loose

43min - Investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige head to Panama City where the investigation into Edward Harold Bell's lost years begins.

Episode 4: No One Could Hear Her Scream

42min - The discovery of physical evidence from a 46-year-old crime provides a possible DNA link

Motel Murder

42min - With Edward Harold Bell as their number one suspect, investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige are determined to find justice for the eleven murdered girls of Galveston County. The search for buried clues proves frustrating, but they find evidence that puts Bell at the epicenter of a gruesome map.

Russian Roulette

42min - Prisoner Edward Harold Bell has retracted his confession. And when investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige look into the only man ever convicted for any of the eleven murders, they uncover shocking inconsistencies, unlawful police tactics, and a deadly miscarriage of justice.

Paradise Lost

42min - Investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige are on a mission to examine the confessions of inmate Edward Harold Bell. He has confessed to the brutal murder of eleven teenage girls. But is he a serial killer or just an attention-seeking liar?

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