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The Benza 6 Grandmaster Benza

25min - In the series one finale, Chris and Kyle learn the secret of the Final Benza and uncover the truth behind Inko Sensei's evil plan.

The Benza 5 Fight for the Benza

25min - Chris, Kyle, Alena, and Inko Sensei find themselves in an old house that is home to more than just the next benza map shard. Will two ghosts in one day be too much for them to handle? Featuring the original song "Running Around" performed by the full cast!

The Benza 4 Championship Benza

22min - Kyle and Chris visit Noguchi's apartment with Alena after receiving an ominous warning from the ghost Tamura.

The Benza 3 Turbo Hyper Benza

23min - Chris and Kyle learn more about the mysterious Final Benza from treasure hunter Alena and have a run in with their teacher, Inko Sensei.

The Benza 2 Final Benza

21min - The quest for the Final Benza continues! Chris and Kyle receive a mysterious key and make a new friend while looking for information. Featuring the original song "Montage With Me"!

The Benza

17min - Chris and Kyle wake up to find their toilet seat broken. Their adventure to buy a new toilet seat and save the world begins.